6 Degrees: Game of Blogs

by - 6/17/2016

I have been a voracious reader since childhood. Books used to be my best friends...a true bibliophile to be precise. But after I passed out from my medical college, work and family commitments became the No 1 enemy of my best friend. As a result my obsession with reading turned into an occasional pastime. So when I got '6 degrees: Game of Blogs to review', my joy knew no bounds!

To start with its a very different book. Its a book with the same set of 5 characters yet 3 very different stories. Different is an understatement, the stories are unimaginably distinct from each other. For the first time 30 bloggers came together to create something so unique. 3 teams , 10 bloggers each were given 5 characters with descriptions and they had to come up with an interesting story.To read each story was an enthralling experience in itself.

The characters:

Shekhar Dutta: The male protagonist, a freelance writer who is yet to publish his best work. He is a stay at home Dad who takes care of his daughter and the household.

Tara Dutta: The breadwinner of the Dutta household. A beautiful and ambitious media professional who is scaling new heights in her career everyday.

Roohi Dutta: 9 year old daughter of the Dutta family. Very pretty, just like her mother and full of energy and enthusiasm. Her instant attraction and proximity to Cyrus (the character I am coming to next) is not something I like. As a mother of a two year old I find it rather strange. Little girls are scared of men leave the fact that they can be attracted!

Cyrus: A tall, fair and handsome law student. His character has been given a new twist in every story!

Jennifer: A dusky curly haired photographer who is always with her DSLR hanging from her neck.

The sixth subtle common character:
Aryan Ahuja: The neighbour of the Dutta family, His character adds a new dimension to each of the story. Sometimes you will think of him as the villain while in one story he is almost the hero!!

Now the stories. 

1.The Awakening:

Unexpectedly, the awakening is a science fiction that is basically a war between the good and the evil. The humans are portrayed as selfish, the Gray aliens are trying to destroy the earth while the Peacekeeper aliens are trying to protect mother earth. The greatest twist in the story comes when Tara, the pretty mortal turns out to be Clariota, a peacekeeper alien! Since Roohi is her daughter, she too inherits her powers and they fight together to save the earth. It is the story of the awakening of Tara, the mortal into her true form, the most powerful peacekeeper alien Clariota. The story is an unexpected read. However I don't like the fact that in the end Tara and Roohi leave Shekhar to pursue their lives as aliens with Cyrus.

 2.Entangled Lives:

Its a murder mystery that starts out to be very next door yet intriguing. Its a spine tingling story and I love such plots which involves hunting down the culprit. Tara Dutta is potrayed in quite a negative way. Okay fine she is cut throat ambitious but she could have been shown in a softer version too. One thing is for sure. The writing is so real that you can actually see the events happening before your eyes. Every moment you will think that you know the murderer but the very next evidence would prove you otherwise. Every character in the story has a motive for the murder.The character of the inspector Mr Java is something. You would hate him but you will love his investigative skills. The ending is one exciting revelation.

3.Missing: The journey within

This is my most favourite story of the three. Little Roohi goes missing and so does Cyrus. There are so many characters who are waiting to be found and reunited. Its a thriller too and the reader gets puzzled as to how the characters are interrelated. It deals with two very sensitive topics. A gay relationship and a man rape. Something which changes Cyrus's life. I love the fact that not only Roohi is found, but all the other characters get reunited at the end. In fact its a journey where everyone rediscovers himself/herself.

A science fiction, a murder mystery and a soul stirring journey. This is how I sum up the book.

The book is a 400 plus pages paperback read priced at 349 INR. I can assure you that the book is more than every single penny and every page unfolds a new story.

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    6 Degrees is India's first book published through collaborative blogging, written completely by bloggers for the Game of Blogs activity at BlogAdda. Know more about Game of Blogs here. You can buy 6 Degrees: Game of Blogs if you liked the review. :)

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  1. Interesting book

  2. What a fun concept. Never heard of anything like that before :)

    r: I mean, nothing happened to us and we lovd the trip and the city. :)
    But it felt a bit unsafe indeed. The gunshots we heard were from a favela nearby the place we stayed.

  3. I never heard of this game sound like a great child love for it due to your post.