Votsalaki Beach

by - 8/21/2015

The hike from our hotel Carol continued. WE crossed the port of Pireus and proceeded further. It had been just a couple of hours in Athens and it was too much to absorb for me. The romantically decorated line of bistros and cafes and taverns left me clicking pictures more than required. And the menus offered in all of them tempted me to try at every place. I was still jet lagged; it had been just three hours but that did not stop us from walking further.

The rocky Votsalaki beach....
After we escaped the lively cafe area of Mikrolimano, we reached a secluded place. It had the Votsalaki beach. The beach was rocky and the water was cold. I really did not have the courage to take a dip. Such kind of thing rarely happens that me not jumping into the water the moment I see it! Maybe it was the jet lag! Well I enjoyed in sipping coffee and absorbing the natural beauty around.

A gorgeous stone house
There were lots of couples on the beach. It seemed like a hot lover's spot. It was around quarter to nine at night and we were surprised that there was still daylight. We asked a couple nearby to take our picture. It was that time I realised that love indeed has no boundaries!

The Egyptio Romanian couple took this picture...

Coffee in the sea!
The guy was from Egypt and the girl was from Romania They both were expats living in Greece for around four years. Both had been together since then. The girl did not know even an alphabet of English while the guy spoke good English. I really wondered how they communicate love to each other. They were not talking. They were simply holding hands and staring at the sea. It straightaway reminded me of the movie Zindagi Milegi Na dobara where Farhan Akhtar falls in love with the Italian girl. Or more recently Queen, where Kangana speaks in Hindi and that Japanese guy speaks Japanese. But the brother sister love between them was so obvious! Maybe love indeed does not need any language to express itself! .

As it got darker, we decided to go further from the sea. I spotted a huge H n M and a Stradiarius building and it arose the shopaholic in me. But sadly when we reached there, they were closed! We went to a grocery store to buy bread and other knick knacks for the vegetarian hubs. We were carrying ready made vegetarian food from India and he just required  bread. There we met a lovely lady Louisa who was surprisingly a big fan of Bollywood movies...especially the dancing and singing! She got at least twenty pictures of herself clicked by my husband!

With Louisa..we bought bread from her shop...
Then it got really late and we needed to go back to our hotel in Mikrolimano. All the shops were closed and people were walking with their dogs and making merry. After all it was a Saturday night. I was hungry and I wanted to eat in one of those beautiful places. We had a long day ahead the next day and we were dead tired and jet lagged. There was no cab and we had walk all the way back.

Deserted road at night...
I chose Captain John's to have dinner. The windows offered a beautiful view of the sea at night. I ordered grilled sardines. They were served in olive oil and were a bit too much sour for my taste. I had forgotten how to eat such small fish (vegetarian's wife) and a bone got stuck in my throat. I was helpless so I finished the rest of my dinner with my sore throat. I wish I got Bengali style rice to go with this sour fish. Anyways I enjoyed the meal. Hubby slept while I chewed away. When we reached the hotel, he was too tired to eat 'the packed vegetarian food' and we snoozed!

Hungry at Captain John's!

Grilled sardines for dinner!

View of the sea at night...
End to one big day! ( 24 hours plus two and a half hours).

In love with the doors of this place!

Top: Only Play
Skirt: Voi
Lips: MAC Lady Danger
Sandals from Philippines

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  2. Indeed love needs no language..It can be expressed just with eyes :D Loved your outfit so much :)


  3. Looking amazing sitting in front of those doors.

  4. Nice post!! I love your bag!!!


  5. I would love to have a coffee in the sea too. The shope over here close early too. So sad you couldn't shop there. I'm quite sure the couple speaks greek (I hope so). I couldn't be with someone who doesn't speak one of the languages that I speak :D Although sometimes that isn't a bad thing ;-) So he won't bore you with stupid talks :D Happy Friday Mandira!


  6. Pretty outfit! Looks like a great place!



  7. The last two images are my favourite, and yes, those doors are incredible. I'd take photos with them too. :)
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