How to select the perfect pool villa for your next vacation

by - 12/28/2020

The last couple of 2020 are here and it's time to put those weird memories behind. The worst thing to suffer in 2020 (apart  from our mental  and physical health and finances) has been travel. And we simply can't wait to hit the roads again! I don't know about you but I haven't stepped out of my home in the past  10 months. I shut my clinic and have been giving my patients online consultation. No outings ,no events; only blogging and shooting at home. Although normal travel is yet to resume, we have to modify our habits accordingly. It's going to be more roadtrips and isolated stays. If you want to go abroad, then opt for lesser affected nations like Indonesia, Thailand, Maldives, etc. And yes, I would prefer Air B n Bs with 5 star cleanliness rating over commercials budget hotels.

According to me, a pool villa is the perfect way to unwind. Even if you are not a water baby, then too you can just relax on the loungers by the water. The pool villa we booked in Bali has been my favourite so far; both in terms of aesthetics and money. So here I am sharing a few tips what we kept in mind while doing so; I am sure we all are looking forward to a pool break soon!

 So how to select the perfect pool villa on a budget?

There are many websites that offer homestays, but personally we have always booked on Air B n B. Make sure you use the filters properly. You can set the budget and amenities accordingly.

When you have a handful of properties to select for, start browsing the pictures. The ones with less number of images are rejected by me because I feel that they are not pretty enough.

Amenities definitely matter but some of them have to be compulsory. Like for us it has to be free Wifi, a kitchen (husband is a vegetarian; I cook for him), clean bathroom and of course a beautifully landscaped pool. Things like breakfast (complimentary or paid ) are secondary for us as I cook anyway.

Make sure you carry a variety of pool wear with accessories like hats and sunnies. If you can, carry some fancy tumblers too where you can pour your drink. I know memories mean everything but in this world of Instagram, our holidays have to be picture perfect; right? So why not put some efforts and reap stunning benefits?

Let me know about your post covid travel plans. 

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  1. Wow I just can't wait to start travelling again!

  2. Awesome and interesting article. Great things you've always shared with us. Thanks. Just continue composing this kind of post.