Are pool villas cheap in Bali, Indonesia?

by - 3/01/2019

I am sure you must have seen innumerable pictures of Bali till now, half of them definitely of infinity pools overlooking rice terrace fields. I had too and I used to think that those pictures could be of only rich people who can afford to stay in such villas. And why not. Private villas that too with breathtaking view infinity pools come with a hefty price tag. But not in Bali. Yes even I was in the same thought bandwagon until we planned our trip and booked a pool villa for ourselves. Pool villas can be economic too, when booked intelligently, especially in Bali.

So during our five days stay, we decided to split our vacation into two resorts: The first half in an economic yet very beautiful resort and the second half in a private pool villa. We were hence super excited for the second part of our stay as it was going to be our first experience of this kind. However our White House stay was so magnificent that it was a surprise for us indeed
We wanted a villa that overlooked the rice terraces. I was of course partial to Ubud right from the start. Properties in Ubud are way expensive than that in Kuta or Denpasar. Ubud is situated in the interior of the island, making it hard to reach too. It's mandatory to have your own transport if you plan on staying there. However Ubud is the cultural capital of Bali and your Balinese experience would be incomplete if you don't stay in this mesmerising town.
The problem with Air B n B's is that their locations are not clear. Our pool villa was located in an interior village of Ubud whose direction no one was clear about. I was swimming in the waters in White House while my partner was on his scooty looking for our property. After about 3 hours and hell lot of anxiety (on my part; we did not take data plans in Bali so no communication) he finally showed up. I was angry and tensed and he exhausted.
We packed up and checked out really fast as we were losing time of our pool villa. The afternoon was meant to chill in the pool. On the way, hubs updated me with all the struggle and its way through the jungle and village. After about half an hour ride, we finally came to 'Buana Sakti' villa.
Stay tuned for the details of the villa in the next post.

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: H n M (Italy)
Sunnies: From Turkey

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  1. The villa really looks great and ofcourse the pool side view is the USP...Also, love the write up girl...Keep sharing such Blogs..

  2. Wow this villa look so beautiful and amazing. I too had some myths about the cost of villas. Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of this resort.

  3. Bali is very popular among youngsters and honeymooners. It's also a budget destination. To get the best out of limited budget it requires to put bit of effort though.

  4. I personally prefer pool villas for a peaceful and relaxing holiday.Thanks for sharing your views.

  5. Pool villas, who won't like to spend luxurious vacations..I am certainly agree with you and book them next.

  6. Going in a few weeks, thanks for this, dear! Really thinking of getting a villa instead of staying at a resort! Thanks for the recos, gorgeous! ��

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