Launch of the Perfect Selfie Phone

by - 5/26/2018

What is your greatest prerogative while buying a phone? For me it's camera quality and speed. I usually change a phone when it becomes slow. Not to forget that budget too is a big factor. So when Indiblogger announced the launch of Mobiistar, the latest smartphone in the market with a smarter selfie camera at an unbeatable price, I knew I had to dig deeper.

It had been a year and a half since an Indiblogger meet. The last one was Berger XP. The moment the homepage flashed of an Indimeet in Delhi, we all jumped in excitement. It was on a Wednesday but who cared? We all managed our day jobs somehow and made it to the meet on time.
Like every Indimeet, this too was organised in a posh hotel, The Hyatt Regency to be precise. We started with a cup of coffee and were ready for the unraveling of the latest budget smartphone. The meet started with meeting of many fresh faces in the Indiblogger community. Then the stage was taken over by the beautiful anchor Shobha to be handed over to the CEO of Mobiistar, Carl.
Mobiistar is a Vietnamese company which was launched in the year 2009. It's motto has been 'Enjoy More' as it had always served great features in its phones at an affordable price. This time it is fully ready to grab the market in India. They did a comprehensive survey (blind) with the people here and reached the decision that maximum people voted Mobiistar selfies as the best. We Indians are known for going after the best at competitive prices and for that it has partnered with Flipkart as it's distributor. Now coming to the phone.
We all love taking selfies. Don't we? But don't we struggle for that perfect groupie? Fitting everyone into the frame is a tough task indeed. What else irks us? Easily draining battery I bet! Also for multitasking, we need a fast processor. Especially for us bloggers, we are doing multiple things simultaneously. Seems Mobiistar has jugded our woes and has crafted a phone that would suit perfectly to our needs.
Two variants of Mobiistar are ready to take the Indian market by storm: Mobiistar CQ and Mobiistar XQ Dual. The XQ Dual as the name suggests has a dual front camera.
8 MP and 13MP camera. USP: 120 degree angle camera for the WIDEST selfie! How cool is that? Moreover 5 inch Full HD display with 2.75D curve.
Now at the end of the meet we clicked one huge groupie (more than 200 people) with the Mobistar XQ and believe me everyone got accomodated! Mission accomplished! It was truly the moment of #EnjoyMore

It has a 3GB RAM and 32 GB ROM which is expandible upto 128GB. Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for faster multitasking.
13 MP rear camera.
Can you guess the price? It's freaking shocking! It's 7999 INR!

Coming to the Mobiistar CQ variant.
13 MP front camera.
2 GB RAM and 16GB ROM which is expandible to 128GB.
Qualcomm Snapdragon processor 425.
Battery in both is 3000mah that means no need to carry a power bank.
Now can you guess this one's price? It's a shocking 4999 INR!
That's not all. They are giving a wide variety of other privileges and discounts too. You can exchange your old smartphone for 1000 INR guaranteed.
Moreover extended guarantee and a host of other services is being provided by Flipkart at a meagre 99INR. It has also tied up with Jio for data services at very lucrative plans.
Do I need to say anything more? Even I phone users for the past decade have been attracted to its 'Enjoy More' features at such a competitive price.
With the elegant Shobha taking over the mic from Carl, our Indi host Kartik split us into teams for a fun filled game. We had to weave a story with the theme 'Enjoy More' with the help of 15 to 30 selfies! It was chaotic yet superbly fun. Clicking selfies had never been easier yet so efficient.
After a grilling session of Q's and A's with Carl, it was time for a sumptuous high tea. Then we all got to try out (touch and feel) the two awesome Mobiistar phones. Man, the camera was superb and so was the interface. Then we clicked innumerable pictures with the big happy Indiblogger family and bade goodbye.
I am definitely ordering my Mobiistar from Flipkart. What about you?

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