Selfie Mania

by - 5/22/2018

What's in a selfie? I am not talking about just pout and wink. I am talking about some serious stuff here. Selfies while taking outfit shots, while travelling alone or while sitting in the car fresh in the morning. I,like every other girl (or boys even) love selfies. Like a true photo blogger I need crisp, clear pictures. A selfie does not truly satisfy my criteria to make it to my blog. It takes immense skill and patience to take the perfect shot.

So why do we love selfies?
1. Its an independent action. I mean who has an in house photographer all round the clock to click precious moments?

Moments like this need to be 'selfied' immediately!

2. Its indeed a blessing for us bloggers...whether fashion, travel or even tech ones, all are obsessed with selfies. Whether its getting clicked on a major landmark or capturing an outfit for running errands, selfies are a boon!


3. It makes us ambidextrous...he he he :D

4. It helps to check if there is anything wrong with our face and hence makes us more presentable before any kind of rendezvous!


Do I look okay for the date?

And the list goes on...

Last but the most important...We need to freeze a particular moment. Chocolate smudged all over our kid's face, dough in hair when cooking for the first time, all those trivial moments which are priceless.

But then somehow they are not blogworthy or contest worthy....

Why? What are the problems faced with clicking the perfect selfie?

1. The front camera is usually of low resolution. Even if the rear camera is 13 MP, the front one is just 5 Mp!

2. No flash on the front..means no selfie in the dark!

Its difficult getting the perfect illumination for the perfect selfie...
3. There is a lot of problem in gripping the phone, clicking the shoot button and so on.

4. It's damn hard to fit everyone in the frame. It's either you or the backdrop. Most of the time it's just the face in an awkward angle.

This why I often drag my photographer (read husband) to feminine events just because I need him to click me. 

Now what is the solution? Well it's time for a new revolution! The Vietnamese brand Mobiistar was launched in 2009 with the vision to Enjoy More. So what in 2018? They have come out with a groundbreaking smartphone!
Here is what they have to offer so that we can Enjoy More!

120 degree wide angle Dual selfie camera:
Can you even imagine what all you can do with such an wide angle? Groupies would be a cakewalk! So the next time you are at a reunion or team dinner, be assured that everyone is going to get in the frame without any awkward positions of course 😁

Solo travelling would be fulfilling on a newer level!

Imagine you are along the bank of Pangong Lake, Ladakh. You want to freeze that moment in that freezing temperature. But when you try to take a selfie it's either the pristine blue lake or your face (looking much bigger). With such a wide angle lens you would be smoothly able to fit yourself along with the picturesque background.

Selfies have become an indispensable part of our lives. We want to live every moment and capture it too. That is why we need a phone that we are able to just pick up and freeze that perfectly 'natural' moment. Selfies promote more of 'real life' than a staged portrayal. You don't need to put your make up on for that. Selfies look more beautiful in its natural imperfections.

So what all can we enjoy more?
Mobiistar promises to give an unparalleled experience to its users at very affordable prices. Moreover, it has been crafted along with Flipkart to suit it seamlessly with the Indian public.

Long lasting battery: Are you sick of lugging your power bank all the time? Me too! This problem has been well taken care of.

Fast Snapdragon processor: For seamless multitasking! Being an influencer/blogger myself, I can very well resonate with the need for a fast phone. I am continually switching tabs, tweeting, clicking pictures etc etc. Now no more hassles!

So peeps, get ready for the grand launch of this intelligent smartphone on Flipkart!

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  1. Most of your pics are not selfie but you taking a selfi... :) Best wishes for the contest...

    1. "SELFIE" is like Indian Gods, it has many 'Avataars'.....
      "MIRROR SELFIE" is one of them :)

  2. Such glam sunglasses, love them!

    XO, Jessi

  3. Well do you know, how to get a perfect Patanjali selfie?!

    Check this out!

  4. great post!! and actually desrves to be a winner..Congrats dear