What are the possible reasons for hairfall?

by - 1/15/2018

We all have been there. And majority of is are still suffering from it. In order to know the major reason of hairfall, we actually need to understand what hair is and the chemistry behind it. Our head has around 1.5 to 2 lac Hair strands. Each strand grows from a tiny bag like structure called follicle. Any problem in the follicle results in hairfall.

Now daily hairfall of 50 to 100 strands is normal. If it's more than that, it's alarming Actually each hair has three phases: anagen, catagen and telogen. The last phase is the falling phase. If too many strands are in the telogen phase, then visible hair thinning occurs. There are various reasons for that.
Medical reason: if you are suffering from a medical condition like Polycystic Ovarian disease, Iron Deficiency Anaemia, Hypothyroidism or post child birth, your hormones have gone for a toss and hairfall occurs.
Dietary: Our hair is made of keratin which is a protein. Just like anything else, it's needs nutrition. Intake of diet lacking in proteins, vitamin E, biotin, iron and other micronutrients can lead to excessive hairfall.
Lifestyle: Lack of exercise, lack of sleep, eating too much junk food can dig the grave. Also if you style your hair regularly like straightening or perming , excessive heat Treatments, all this can lead to hairfall.
Environment: Too much pollution, change of weather, change of residence and washing your hair with hard water can lead to severe hairfall.
These are some of the major reasons for the pity state of our crowing glory. In my next post I will come up with their solutions.
For now, what's the temporary solution for severe hairfall? Go for hair bundles! Here are three of my favorite styles by donning which you won't be causing any damage to your real hair.
blonde lace front wig

Cheap Blonde Wigs: A blonde hairstyle is the most radical way to change your style quotient. This wig is again made of Brazilian Hair. This blonde look is perfect for weddings, concerts, dating and lots of other occasions and gives you confidence and charm. You can also restyle the wig. This is the best way to protect your natural hair as well as show new hairstyles.

blonde weave

Blonde bundles with frontal : Do you know how to under go a complete makeover? Go blonde! Yes, that is a total look changer. However if you have dark hair like me, bleaching can ruin your hair totally. So if you want a new yourself, opt for this style. 
These bundles with frontal are made from Brazilian human hair. Virgin hair have been used. These are very natural looking hair. Full frontal gives a very natural hairline. You can opt for new hairstyles altogether.

Blonde weaveChange your appearance in an entirely natural way! These are premium hair weave, made of Brazilian hair which are very affordable.

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