Do you hate being judged on your external appearance?

by - 1/24/2018

People judge you. No matter what. Yes this sounds harsh but it is the truth. You know what is harsher? Being judged on external appearance. We may try to preach or follow that looks are deceptive/superficial; but the first impression (which is a lasting one) is always drawn from the face..if not from the entire body. So if you are pimple prone or have those pits and scars or dull skin, be prepared for some rising eyebrows when people first meet you.
Being in the health industry (especially as someone who is a Hair and Skin consultant for the past 7 years) has taught me that one NEEDS to look presentable; no matter how shallow that sounds. My skin needs to look flawless all the time. I mean if I myself suffer from acne or dull skin, how are my patients going to be convinced that I can cure them? I am a general physician; but 80% of my cases pertain to skin and hair. Often teenage girls come to me and ask me to give them medicines that would make their skin look like mine! Read on to know my secret to flawless skin...
How to get glowing skin?

Improve your grocery shopping habits:
Try to introduce lots of colours into your shopping basket. More the colours, more the antioxidants. Bell peppers, pumkins, asparagus, etc. Buy unusual items like sunflower seeds, safflower oil, collard greens, etc.  Whatever makes way to your shopping basket would definitely make its way to your plate too!  Here is a secret: I have been taking Vitamin E supplements for a while now which has a huge role in maintaining glowing skin and healthy hair. 

Improve your lifestyle:
It is a no brainer that smoking is harmful. But then why do we have to be reminded again and again? All those nicotine causes harm in every part of our it skin or lungs or uterus. Smoking is a complete NO. Also exercise daily. That gush of endorphins into our system makes us glowing more than a make up topped face. Also the increased blood circulation causes natural blushing of our cheeks. Make sure you take at least seven hours of uninterrupted sleep. Always remove your makeup before hitting the sack. Always use a sunscreen on exposed skin even when its cloudy outside. Skin cancer is caused by Ultra Violet rays; not by the visible Infra Red rays of the sun.

Think before you put anything into your mouth:
 Deep fried items...a sensation to the taste buds but bad for your system. Is that breakout worth the taste? No! Try to incorporate as many raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. Make salad and soup as one of the meals of your day. Eat more fish like swordfish, salmon, mackerel, sardines etc. Don't throw that egg yolk away. Opt for lightly fried items if you are craving some. Drinks lots of water and say no to aerated drinks, sweet beverages and alcohol.
What is the cheat code to glowing skin?
Vitamin E!

What is Vitamin E?
Chemically, Vitamin E is known as Tocopherol. Its is a group of tocopherols and tocotrienols. It is a fat soluble Vitamin (there are two types: Water and Fat soluble) It is a known antioxidant ie it helps fight free radicals.

Why do we need antioxidants?
Free radicals are highly unstable particles which are formed as a result of oxidation. In layman's terms, they are the starting blocks to cell damage. A lot of free radicals are formed as a result of metabolism, pollution, smoking, eating canned/junk food. In a nut shell, free radicals are responsible for causing cancer and tissue damage. We need antioxidants for fighting these free radicals. Vitamin E and Vitamin C are the best anti oxidants.
How much Vitamin E do we need daily?
Children need around 7 mg per day while adults around 15 mg per day. However since we hardly fulfill our daily requirement through diet it is important to take supplements. #Evion is India's number one Vitamin E recommended by doctors. However you should consult your physician before starting supplements.

Why do we need Vitamin E?
Since it is an anti oxidant, it helps fight cancer, ageing and various diseases. It boosts our immunity. It keeps our hair healthy, prevents hairfall and makes our skin glowing. It prevents ageing hence no to wrinkles. It's deficiency also leads to infertilty which no one would want!

Medical uses: Used in the treatment of myriads of conditions like Alzheimers disease, Huntington's disease, Anaemia, Dementia, Kidney problems, Sterility, Chemotherapy related problems etc. It also helps in reducing damage caused by dialysis and radiation.

How to incorporate more Vitamin E in your diet?
Vitamin E is found in a variety of food items.

Vegetable sources: almonds, hazelnuts, peanut butter, spinach, red peppers, asparagus, pumpkin, avocado, vegetable oils, collard greens, beetroot greens, sweet potato, dark green leafy vegetables,  kiwi fruits, etc.
Animal Sources: egg yolk, oily fish like sardines, salmon, swordfish, shrimps, etc

Human Breast Milk: This is why infants don't need supplements!

Is too much Vitamin E harmful?
Anything in excess can cause adverse effect and Vitamin E is no exception. Since it is a fat soluble vitamin, it cannot be expelled through urine. If you are suffering from any of these conditions, you should avoid supplements: Bleeding disorders, heart attack, head and neck cancers, diabetes, etc. In short Vitamin E increases the risk of bleeding. So you should always consult your doctor before starting any supplements.

Now you know that Evion supplements are the secret to beautiful skin and hair. So why hate being judged by your external appearance? Take matter into your own hands and give that countenance a glowing facelift!

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