La Spezia Port, Liguria, Italy

by - 5/29/2017

La Spezia is a highly underrated destination. There are always pros and cons of being neighbours with a celebrity. You get to see and know a lot of people because of that famous subject. But your own special features are totally overlooked. Same is the case with La Spezia. Thousands of tourists coming to Cinque Terre every month arrive at La Spezia and then go further. Maximum travelers like us stay too in La Spezia. But the people are already so overwhelmed with the five villages that no one pays attention to the beauty of La Spezia.
My partner has a thing for ports. Maybe because of his upbringing in Varanasi (the land of ghats and boats), he is very fond of ships and waterfront. Even before we had reached La Spezia, he kept on mumbling that the port is very beautiful and we should definitely pay a visit. I ignored him as I knew that we hardly would be able to take out time from visiting the five villages.
We reached from  Rome to La Spezia in the late morning. After that we immediately checked into our Bn B and left for Cinque Terre. That day we explored two villages Monterosso and Vernazza and hiked from Monterosso to Vernazza. That took a lot of time and we returned to La Spezia at midnight.
The second day we had to explore La Spezia as it was our last. So after breakfast, we packed our bags for a dip and hike and left to explore the port.
The majority of the residents did not even have an idea where the port was. That was kind of ridiculous. I mean La Spezia  is such a small place. So we followed my partner’s internal GPS and could smell the sea at a distance. The people there could give us proper directions. On the way we came across a farmer’s market. It was probably run by Filipinos as it was known as Manila market. I was overwhelmed  by the variety of sea foods on sale. Also the promenade of the market was lined by orange trees which I found very beautiful!

The port was scenic. It was a major port  both for passengers as well as cargo. It was connected to all the ports of Italy and abroad too. There were boats which took tourists to the Five Terre as well as Levanto and Portovenero ( two sea side towns  adjacent to the Five Terre).  We took pictures quickly as we had three villages to explore plus half an hour walk back to the Railway station. Not to forget we had a hike left too. So it was a short yet very fruitful excursion of La Spezia.   

Dress: Globus
Hat: Accessorize
Sunnies: Forever 21
Necklace: Lifestyle
Belt, bracelet: Kazo

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  1. These pictures have such wonderful colors :)

  2. It's a beautiful place. Ports are good places to roam about (not the one in Kolkata, that's a notorious place). All the pictures are beautiful...vibrant with colours, flowers and you... :-)

  3. So much travel envy babe! Italy looks absolutely stunning in your photographs.. thanks so much for sharing babe :)

    I would LOVE for you to check out my newest post!
    XO Jessi,

  4. Looks like a neat spot. Lovely photos & write up!


  5. Beautiful pictures! Kisses

  6. You cannot go wrong visiting Italy