Hike from Monterosso to Vernazza, Cinque Terre, Italy

by - 5/24/2017

Oh I am so not a sports person. Not only sports but I hardly ever workout. That pretty much sums up my lack of physical activity. However I can walk. I mean if I am not wearing heels 😁 I have endless stamina for walking. That pretty much sums up that I fit the bill of a true traveller as I can explore on foot. But when it comes to walking on uneven terrain, I am not at all game.
After braving the rains in Monterosso, it was time to move towards the next village of Vernazza. I had read so much about hiking in Cinque Terre. Partly I was looking forward to it; partly I was scared. Hiking on the hills was not a cakewalk. I had trekked to the smallest volcano in the world three and a half years back in Phillipines. However there the trail was not so rocky; only the distance was overwhelming. Here both the terrain and distance was intimidating.
It was around 3.6 kms on the trail from Monterosso to Vernazza. It was five in the evening; our stomachs were full with pizza, we were equipped with water and God had been kind enough to stop the rain. So we started. Initially it was not so tough. Partly because we were full with energy and adrenaline kept us pushing. As we progressed further, my energy started dwindling. I had walked relentlessly in Amsterdam as well as Rome. The major chunk of our trip was still left. And I was already running out of energy 😩
As we climbed higher and higher, the views compensated our tiredness. The blue Ligurian Sea with greenery all around. I had only read about the views from the hike and now I knew why they were raving about it. We walked, stopped, enjoyed the view, caught up on breath, sipped water and then again walked. This process continued till we could see Vernazza from the top.
As soon as the village could be seen, all our exhaustion vanished, We toppled over the safety fence to take good pictures along with crazy hikers. There was one Romanian couple who were sitting at the edge of a cliff, I was scared and was saluting their bravery. Later I saw them taking drugs: they were inhaling through their nose. It was my first time seeing someone do this. Later I realised that they were sitting at such a dangerous place as they were not in their senses!
After pictures, I got a surge of energy to walk. It was a climb downhill and although it was tough gripping the slope, I managed to climb down fast. It was half past seven.
The village of Vernazza was already at dusk. I immediately fell in love with the alleys and was excited to explore it more.

Top, Skirt, Accessories: Forever 21
Bag: from Dubai

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  1. I think that was a pain well worth taking !
    What about the hiking shoes - where did you get those from ?

  2. You're such a cute couple :D Love this place!

  3. Beautiful place both of you enjoying smart couple

  4. Aww you guys make the perfect couple! Hiking sounds like such a fun activity to do together :)

    XO Jessi,

  5. This looks so lovely, the hike sounds very fun and omg the bright colors you wear are awesome!

  6. I love Monterosso, such beautiful pictures, I love your hat