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Lucknow is very close to my heart. Emotional people like me need very small reasons to fall in love with something or someone. So my love for Lucknow is very simple....its the place of the eminent King George Medical college which I could not get into but from where my spouse graduated from. Hence my longing for this city was enhanced by the belonging of Lucknow by him! Long story short, he looks for excuses to pay a visit to this city where he had spent the most crucial six years of his life!

I have some strange connection of exams and Lucknow. The first time I visited this city was back in 2002 when I represented my school in a Maths olympiad. The last time I visited, it was also for exams! This trip was a very short one and the best way that I toured around was back in 2013 (when I was 4 months expecting :D) You can read them herehere and here. Even a super short trip could not stop me from wandering around in my hub's favourite city. So after we were done with our chores, we set off to explore even when it was 45 degree Celsius burning!

We took a rickshaw and arrived at Hazratganj..the shopping place of the posh people. I found it very similar to our Connaught Place of Delhi. Anyways the heat was absolutely unbearable. When we had left from Delhi, it was very pleasant. The Lucknow heat suddenly took over us. Long story short, I could not spend much time as much I would have liked to.
 We had coffee; the windows of CCD reminded me of my grandfather's grand mansion. The green wooden windows had provisions for light or for looking outside. They are called 'kharkhari' in Bengali. How I wish I photographed my grandpa's mansion before he had passed away! I hardly have any pictorial memories of that place to which I was so emotionally attatched.

These traditional windows (kharkhari in Bengali) remind me of Kolkata..

We had some snacks in Royal cafe, supposedly a hotspot for youngsters! After prancing around in the alleys and clicking pictures in the glaring heat (people actually thought we were crazy) we left to visit my friend. I really loved hazratganj and would love to go back again! 

favourite spot for youngsters!!

I am so in love with these alleys and lanes...

favourite hangout place of hubs in his college days

arriving Hazratganj in style!!

Lip smacking lachcha tokri (edible baskets made of crisp fried potato)

Top: People
Pants: Forever 21
Necklace: Forever 21
Sunnies: Aldo
Bag: Globus

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  1. Great pics!

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  2. Nice look.
    Lovely yellow shirt, kisses.


  3. Those crisp fried patato baskets are really funny :)

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  4. Love that green top! I have been to Hazratganj too..but many years ago!

  5. making a statement in a profound way...

  6. Never been to lucknow, but ur posts make me wanna visit it.
    I love ur outfit.


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