Third Wedding Anniversary

by - 2/19/2014

February has  been my favourite month of the year since three years as I have said here. Let me stop beating around the bush and come straight to the point. It was our third wedding anniversary last Sunday!! Yes, even its hard for me too to believe that its been three years that me, daddy's little girl had left her Dad's home and moved to her husband's!!

 These three years have been quite a journey. As we get ready for the next stage of our lives, the past three years have been indeed an adventure!! I and my husband are complete opposites!! I am a type A personality while hes typically type B!! Being the youngest in his family, he had been pampered like hell. I, being my parents' only child have had a rosy life too!! The only thing that bound us together was that we were head over heels with each other!!

So what happens when two such people with adjustment problems and drastically different upbringing fall in love and decide to get married?? Ah fireworks I suppose!! Yes indeed!! The dating time was like a bed of roses. My mom used to tell me that problems start when two individuals start living under one roof. Well I understood that after I moved in with him post wedding!! The initial 6 months of our marriage were nothing less than a series of dynamites :D I am a cleanliness freak, he nonchalant about decor and stuff; I was a fresh medical graduate, he a busy surgeon; I an extravagant shopaholic, he intelligently frugal!! Phew!! our issues were endless. But at the end of the day, he always made me feel that he is the one for me!! No matter how much we fought like cats and dogs, we were madly in love :)

Things changed gradually. We both matured and he thankfully started paying heed to cleanliness and orderliness. I too lowered my level of control freakiness and once again peace was established in our love nest!!

Three years since that period, we both laugh at our childishness. Those are real sweet memories. As we look forward to endless years of love and commitment, here are the pictures of the romantic candle lit dinner on our anniversary night. 

love the dimly lit ambience...

lights lights everywhere!!

my melodramatic husband...

the cold stone steps..

all set to rock the dance floor...

warmest place to rest my head on...

Lebanese dinner spread

our favourite lebanese menu..mezze platter

way to Magique restaurant..

Skirt : forever21
sweater: Zara
vest : forever21
bag : from Dubai

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  1. You are to funny but it must be nice to now have a sense of what each other likes and have the trust and respect. Happy Anniversary may you celebrate more in the future.

  2. Happy Anniversary! These pictures are so beautiful!

  3. Happy anniversary! great photos!

  4. Congratulations to this lovely couple!!:D

  5. Happy Anniversary!
    Wishing you many years ahead full of love and happiness!
    All the best!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  6. Such beautiful photos. I LOVE your silver skirt! Happy anniversary :) Have a marvelous weekend

  7. Happy Anniversary doc! You look great, and you both look awesome together... god bless :-)

    Cheers, Archana -

  8. Happy Anniversary! wishing you both togetherness and love always. Nice way to celebrate your anniversary and pictures are lovely.

  9. Happy Anniversary ! Though this post meant to celebrate your day last year but as they say, any time is a good time for good things. :)