Celebrations Continued...

by - 2/23/2014

Before I got hitched, I made some verbal (but serious) agreements with my fiance... he he :D Some of the most important ones included exotic vacations on anniversary, regular getaways ( there is a lot to explore in India ), regular gifts and flowers and so on. The term which scared my husband the most was the exotic vacation part. But nonetheless, he has fulfilled it so far :) As I said here, last Sunday was our third wedding anniversary. This time due to a very important reason we could not travel abroad to celebrate our special day. Our next exotic trip has been postponed till the next year. Sadly, we could not even plan on going somewhere far from Delhi too. But me, the eternal planner zeroed down to a place which seemed far but yet so near :)

After a quick but nice breakfast, we set off to our destination, Surajkund. Its a tiny town adjacent to industrial city Faridabad. Every year, for the past 27 years, haryana tourism department has been organising an annual mela (fair/carnival) in which states all over India as well as foreign countries take part. The fair is spread over hundreds of acres. There are millions of things to buy from the thousands of shops and hundreds of things to eat!! In short, its paradise in one day sans the insane crowd!!

This year the theme state was Goa. The Goa pavilion was so naturally decorated that it gave us a true tropical feeling amidst the chill!! The international partner nation this year was Sri Lanka, again a tropical paradise. So what if I could not dip in the waters this year, I surely got a tropical and beachy feel!!
My legs were swollen and sore at the end of the day from the constant walking. Even then, we could explore only half of it!! An ardent shopaholic, I shopped to my heart's delight; hubby didnot utter a single word as I had saved his lakhs of moolah by not going on a foreign trip :D The food served in the food courts were amazing!! Though fine dining was saved for the night as I shared here.  Even it was a single day out, we had fun to our heart's content!!

enjoying the rustic surroundings...
Goa!! land of sun and sand!!

a Srilankan mask...

sunflowers and rainbows....could the place been happier??

I am all ready for the carnival!!

with a Hariyanvi jat...

goodbye to a beautiful day...
replica of the old Viceroy's house...

full carnival mood...  

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  1. Very cute color combo! You look super pretty and these pics are so fun!

  2. I love your purse and that coat! Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  3. It has to be beautiful place! Amazing photos!


  4. wow..u had a verbal agreement with ur husband abt exotic vacations, b4 u get married.???..damn..i was so stupid..!;)


  5. You look adorable. Love the color mix and that super chic jacket.

    xx Mira


  6. Amazing pictures! I love your jacket!

  7. How amazing is your bag?:)


  8. the place looks amazing!:) beautiful pictures as always♥


  9. Me encanta tu look tan alegre y colorido!!
    Un beso!


  10. The look is so full of color.love it!!!!