Love is in the air

by - 2/04/2014

Its already three days that February has started!! Well, there is reason for excitement. February is my favourite month of the year ( of course after my birthday month June :D ). The weather is relatively pleasant..not like the spine chilling January and December. Secondly and most importantly, it’s the month when I got married!! Also, it’s the month of my parents’ wedding anniversary and my mother in law’s birthday too!! (both these occasions fall on the same day). Enough reasons to celebrate!!

Most people tend to associate February with Valentine’s Day. People treat it as a holiday and look forward to it. Its not the same case for me. I am a diehard romantic at heart..looking for minute reasons to celebrate ; but my husband does not believe in ‘Vday concept’. He says that its simply not logical to assign one single day to has to be eternal. Well, I personally believe that he is scared of celebrating because of the ‘unnecessary’ expenditures attached to this day of love :D

Whatever be his opinion, I make sure I celebrate it in my own way. Especially when its just 5 days from our anniversary. We got married on 9th February 2011. OMG!! Hard to believe its three years already!! I have been nurturing and taking care of my kiddish husband since 3 years!! He is going to kill me after reading this!! :D

This month I plan to share all the different ceremonies of our wedding one by one ( since its our anni month). As of now, here are the pictures of a small pre Vday outing :D

With the love of my life!!!!!

With the love of my life!!!!!

All set for a love ride in the love buggy...

With the love of my life!!!!!

With the love of my life!!!!!

Trapped inside the love cage.... forever......

Waiting for my prey inside the cage....:D

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  1. wow.....all you need is love :)
    love love love....happy love to all :)

  2. Very romantic love it. New post up.

  3. Wowww so lovely these pictures!!

  4. February is a fabulous month - I totally agree! These pictures of you and your love are adorable! I'm so excited for the 14th!

  5. The February is my birth month but I can tell you the weather in February over here is awful :). Omg your anniversary is so close!! You two are an adorable couple <3

    xx Mira

  6. Very lovable post!!
    would you like to follow each other on social media? let me know
    regards from Madrid

  7. LOvely pics..i really loved that dress of urs.
    I guess all husbands dont believe in the vday concept. Mine is a total rebel.


  8. You make such an adorable couple :)
    It's so nice that you always do so many things together!