hubby turns a year older...

by - 10/21/2013

I think I had  already professed my love for october  citing enough reasons for it!! After a week long hectic and funfilled Durga Puja  celebrations, its time to cherish the birthday of my husband!! This year too was celebrated with the whole family; my inlaws had especially come all the way to see their son turning a year older.

This birthday has always bore special significance in my life... apart from the fact that its my life partner's birthday. Before we got married and the period after our engagement;i.e the scariest time period of any relationship :p that is in the year 2010, something weird happened. I was trying my level best to impress my inlaws (parents and his older sister) without losing my own self (though very difficult) and there my fiance was ruining everything unintentionally. He was trying to show them my very best, but somehow everything got screwed.

That year his birthday was on the first day of navratri. Usually on this day devotees fast and so were my inlaws..including his 5 year old nephew. I had planned an elaborate lunch with my fiance at Geoffreys after a day out. His parents and sisters were travelling all the way from Meerut to meet us and were not supposed to reach before evening (well according to my fiance). As we were about to enter the restaurant, I was constantly asking him to get updated about his parents' whereabouts. And he was constantly assuring me that they wont start their journey without informing him. I believed him, and then ordered. As soon as we finished ordering, His parents called saying they had reached Delhi. Oh my God!! I immediately got up saying that we should cancel our order and go to them. We were in South Delhi and they were in central Delhi. The drive would take atleast an hour at that time of the day. My poor fiance was torn between impressing his would be wife and being a good son. Well one cant have the cake and eat it too!!

We quickly polished off our plates. I had intended to change my outfit for something more appropriate, something for an ideal daughter in law. But we were in such a hurry that I simply skipped that part. His phone was continuously ringing, his sister demanding to know about his whereabouts and he was dodging answering anything clearly!!

By the time we hit the ring road, it was jam packed with traffic!! Frustrating as it would be, we were helpless. I was particularly feeling guilty for his nephew, who must have been famished and needed to break his fast immediately. It took two long hours to reach Central Delhi, and they were fuming in disappointment and hunger. Eyes popped at my garb, but everyone was too tired and famished to say anything!! We immediately took them to Haldirams and everything settled down. I would never forget his first birthday in my entire life!!
Well this year,thankfully everything went nice and smooth!! Thank God!!

my date with a royal elephant...

just love this huge pot pourrie...

soaking up the October sun...

lost in the land of parrots...

a little timepass while our orders arrived...

my plate consisting of mughlai parantha...

the family that eats together, stays happy together :D

sitting just for a picture....

the diverse lunch spread...
happy at the end of the day...

I wore:
booties: Zara
Sunnies: Aldo
Necklace, bracelet,earrings : Forever21
Clutch : Zara
Top, Skirt: pantaloons

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  1. Wow I will not want to be you in that situation it end up being an adventure and memory you will never forget lol. Great pictures and the food looks delicious.

  2. Aww great pictures ♥♥♥ your shoes !!!

    Kisses Xx, Selorm.

  3. Great pictures! I love your look especially your boots and shirt!

  4. You look so pretty Mandira!! Love your booties!! <3 !

  5. u look lovely posing with the elephant, very exquisite photos, and of course the food too :)

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  7. Beautiful photos!

  8. Gosh..ur story is so frightening..but m glad all's well. u look abolutely stunning..n gorgeous pics.


  9. The elephant is the best!

  10. This is my favourite look of yours :)
    Nice booties!

  11. Happy bday to your hubby!! That was an exciting first bday but I think in the end everything was alright. This is my favorite look so far. I love everything. Amazing color mix and the booties rock!

    xx Mira

  12. beautiful pics! its must be great place :)
    Kisses, Mrs Vain

  13. congrats to your hubby ... u look great btw

    My blog here

  14. Happy birthday to your husband!:) the photos are so beautiful!

  15. awesome pics yr and nice dress........... :)

  16. Happy birthday to him!
    I like your red top!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  17. U look lovely....i liked the booties...btw this is my one of the fav place.... :)Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

  18. Woow..
    Nothing other than to say..
    Very much lovely article