How to be stress free on those days?

by - 3/04/2020

If you are born with XX chromosome, then you can relate with the title. Puns apart, I mean it's an uphill task for every female in the world to remain happy and above all stress free on those days of the month. I keep giving a number of advices/wellness tips to my patients and try to incorporate in my life as well. Although I know very well that being a mom of two, pampering tips like a home mani pedi can quite be imposible. So let's get started with the basic mandates.
1. Choose a Sanitary pad that would make you feel pampered.

Looking at the blood stains on the pad is the grossest part of periods. Do you agree? Well not any more! Because Sirona has come up with black sanitary pads!

Yes, you heard it right. Sirona hygeine has come up with Black coloured sanitary napkins. So you simply don't have to look at those stains. Also a lot is being said and done regarding using biodegradable options wherever possible. Thankfully, these black sanitary napkins are made from natural resources like Corn, Sugarcane, Cassava and Straw Bale which makes them decomposable.

So why Sirona Sanitary Napkins?

  • These napkins are super absorbent and ultra thin (very important).
  • These are anti bacterial and locks the period smell.
  • They are chlorine free, paraben free, toxins free and have no artificial colours.
  • They don't cause rashes.
I tried the Large variant (290mm) and it cost me 259 INR. Apart from the fact that it is super absorbent and rash free, I really loved the black colour. It's a whole new luxury! Sirona pads are available on all major E Commerce sites.

Girls you should definitely try these black pads. You would never go back!
2. Eat clean and drink lots of water.
Food habits are found to be associated with mental health. Junk food (read processed, over salty, sugary or deep fried) cause mood swings more. It's seen that when you eat more greens, fruits and unprocessed food, our brain works in a more sensible way and hence it's easier to deal with hormonal mood swings.

However I know it's tough to cook a full fledged meal on those days, especially when you are alone. So try to stock up on your favourite fruits, greens and nuts beforehand so that you can have a healthy portion along with takeaway.
3. Give yourself a break from the gym
Don't workout on the first three days. Instead go for a walk in the evening after work in the park listening to your favourite music.
4. Put on makeup and pamper ypurself
Light your favourite scented candle while getting ready. It's aromatherapy. It's scientifically proven to uplift your mood. Soak your feet in warm water. Put on a face mask.

5. Wear pretty clothes with dark bottoms.
I am sure everyone would be able to relate. Nothing is more stressful than a stained dress. No matter how efficient our pad is, let's not take any chances and wear a dark coloured bottom for a calm mind.

So girls, what is your cheat code for sailing through these days?

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  1. It is very much important to stay stress free on those days, as there is so much to deal with already for women. Nice ways to deal with stress, will share it with my female friends.

  2. Its totally important to be stress free as we are all emotionally drained dusting those days and its quite difficult to be calm !

  3. I too dress and pamper myself on these days. Thanks for introducing us to Sirona Sanitary napkins, shall give it a try.

  4. I also wanted to switch to other napkin. Thanks for sharing a word about Sirona Sanitary napkins. I will try them soon.

  5. Being stress free on those days is important... I love to pamper myself... thanks for sharing about sirona sanitary napkins... i will try for sure

  6. So true... Being a woman it's difficult to handle those days of month. You shared amazing tips to lslow down the stress and this sanitary pads looks great, will check it out.

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