The must visit spot in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia

by - 2/04/2019

As you know already, famous landmarks are something that decide our travel itinerary. After exploring the state of Victoria, it was time to discover New South Wales. Before venturing into Sydney, we went to the Featherdale Sanctuary and then left for the Blue Mountains, a famous hill station in that region. We stayed in Katoomba and restricted our voyage till this town only. Blue Mountains is a vast region and trying to Rummage the entire area on such a short trip was not feasible. So we stuck to Katoomba because of obvious reasons. As soon as you type Blue Mountains, an image of three peaks crop up. They are the famous Three Sisters and they are in Katoomba.
We decided to hike from our beautiful home in Katoomba city to the Three Sisters. The hiking trails in Australia are nothing like the ones in Italy. They are very well maintained with proper railings and public conveniences free of cost unlike in Europe where you have to pay 2€ for peeing! Ridiculous!
So we walked up and down the slopes of the town and reached the Dense jungles of Blue Mountains. The Three Sisters can be seen from far but our target was to go and touch them.
There is a very interesting Aboriginal tale about this peak.
There were 3 sisters in the Katoomba tribe Meehni, Wimlah and Gunnedoo who lived in the Jamison valley. They fell in love with 3 men from the neighbouring Nepean tribe but marriage was forbidden by the tribal law. The brothers were unhappy with this law and decided to capture those three sisters which resulted in a major tribal war. An elder turned the three sisters into stones in order to protect them but he was killed in the war. Hence no one could turn the rocks back. This is how these three peaks are named.

How to reach?
From Echo point, there is a stairway of 800 steps that leads to the base of the Three Sisters.
Entry fee: Free
Closing time: 5 PM
Closing time in Australia refers to the time when the public conveniences and the Information kiosks close and all the staff leave. But the attraction remains open. We reached the base at around half past seven.
The hike was tough. Descending the stairs not so much but climbing them back was an exhausting experience. However the view from there is unparalleled. I totally suggest hiking all the way.
Points to keep in mind:
Carry your belongings in a backpack to keep your hands free for holding the rails.
Carry water.
Wear comfortable shoes.
It gets quite chilly in the evening even during summers. Keep something warm in your bag.

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