My little Sweetheart & Mother Sparsh: New premium unscented water wipes

by - 12/24/2018

So you are blessed with a new born. You are elated. Motherhood is a blessing indeed and you are immensely grateful. But it's also the toughest role in the whole world! That tiny, wriggling, helpless soul is entirely dependent on you for its well being. And you are hell scared as to how to fulfill your role as the perfect mother.
A new born needs to be kept clean all the time. Bath is just for once a day. But what about those other times? The new born baby burps milk numerous times and poops at least twice or thrice a day! You can't use water and cloth every time... it's not practical! For these occasions you need wipes..but are they safe to be used on a neonate?

Mother Sparsh has come up with 99% water wipes. #SensitiveBabyWipes

There is nothing safer than pure water for there? So these water wipes are certified absolutely safe for new born babies. They don't contain any alcohol or parabens or sulphates or even fragrances! The cloth is of medical grade and is made from the finest quality of natural plant fabric. #MedicalGradeCloth  It is three times thicker than other wipes, making it absolutely safe for neonatal sensitive skin.

Fragrance Free:
Also since they are 99% water based wipes, free from any kind of artificial fragrances, they can be used multiple times on a baby's skin... including neonates. #UnscentedWipes .Since they are made of natural plant fabric and of the optimum thickness, they are non allergic and non reactive on  baby's skin. These cotton based wipes can be used to wipe all the parts of the body like face and hands and not just baby bottoms. They are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, so you can be assured of the safety of your baby. These wipes provide all round protection to your little one. In fact it's the best gift for neonates and infants.

Travel Friendly Packaging:
The biggest problem with cloth and water is that they cannot be carried or are absolutely impractical during travel.That is why wipes are so handy. But the problem is that they often dry out after repeatedly opening the pack and pulling out few wipes daily. This is where Mother Sparsh 99% water wipes again scores over. These come with a protective plastic lid that locks the moisture and freshness of the wipes. The lid also prevents entry of dirt and germs.
100% Biodegradable:
Last but not the least, these are 100% biodegradable wipes. It's very important that we care about mother nature too. If we don't, then a day would come that this earth won't be suitable for survival. It's important to use everything responsibly and when you are using biodegradable consumables, it's one of the little steps that you take for mother nature which makes a huge difference.
For all us mothers out there, this has been the most awaited launch of the unscented variant of Mother Sparsh wipes. #NewLaunch

The pack of 72 wipes is priced at INR299. Happy Parenting!

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  1. Wonderful review of a great product!

  2. I really loved reading the complete review...Everything that you have mentioned explains the product so well! Keep sharing such reviews, it really helps us!

  3. Wow I am so glad there are wipes which are bio degradable. This has always been my concern, thanks for sharing.

  4. We are so loving the new premium wipes they are great for babies and a relief for mom's.

  5. I especially like the fact they are only water based. The wet wipes otherwise have chemicals that damage the skin.

  6. These are the best baby wipes i have ever used. I love the fact that Mother Sparsh pure water baby wipes are biodegradable.