Are you frustrated by the cable TV packages like me?

by - 12/26/2018

If you are anything like me, then you can't be glued to the  television all the time.  In fact, no one can be! We all are working professionals and we have a definite niche of what we watch on TV. Like I love to stick to travel, fashion and lifestyle with occasional Bollywood. So why should I pay for the entire package?

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In recent months, TRAI are facing an ongoing battle with the Broadcasters, especially with the people of Star group. Now, the Supreme Court dismissed the appealof broadcasters and cemented Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) tariff order for pricing and packaging of TV channels.As per the new tariff order, broadcasters were required to declare the MRP and nature of all the channels. 
So basically, they would have to put it up on their websites and social media that they are following the order by TRAI and submit a list of paid channels and grouped channels online. What TRAI is trying to do is give the consumer more options, and the broadcasters are affected as the prices for channels have been dropped marginally, giving us the option to choose only the channels we want to watch, and not the entire package.

Does it benefit the Consumer? Maybe!
It is debatable, although TRAI claims its basically keeping in mind the consumer’s choices. But we are still to find out the long game TRAI is playing. Some of their mandate is mentioned below - 

A-la-carte offering -Now the broadcasters are required to offer all their television channels on an a-la-carte basis. So that we can exactly select what we want to watch.

Spreading the news out-Now the broadcasters are required to publish a reference, which mentions the maximum retail price of a pay channel per month and the maximum retail price of a bouquet of pay channels per month. 

Maximum discounts -Since channels will be provided on a a-la-carte basis, it would be cheaper instead of buying the entire package. Such a win, ain't it?

The Supreme Court, by keeping the validity of the Regulations and the Tariff Order, has changed the broadcasting game in India, as this will certainly have an impact on how consumers are offered television channels and essentially allowing more flexibility and true choice to consumers in relation to the channels they want to subscribe to and pay for.

I am not sure how this would play out at the end of the day, however, I hope that the consumers get a chance to choose their options rather than the operators choosing it for them. Hopefully, next year would be a year for consumers, and not money makers. We have to #StopTheLoot

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  1. Such a lovely dress!
    Happy New Year!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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  3. Yes, seriously fed up with the new pack system. And the packs are designed in such a clever manner that the main 2-3 channels are priced higher than the other channels. So, it's better to just buy the whole pack instead of selecting channels individually. I'm thinking of writing something about this on my blog Travelling Lads as well. Your blog is inspiring. Nice Work.