Himalaya for moms: The easiest way to pamper yourself

by - 12/10/2018

Moisturising is an integral part of skincare...we all know that. But let's face it...after becoming a mom, how many of you actually get the time to slather yourselves in something creamy everyday? I bet very few. Especially if you are a working mom with no full time help, I am sure moisturising means applying a cream on the face only. However the busier you are, the more care you need for yourself.
The secret to great skin is proper hydration, in and out. Apart from drinking loads of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate sleep and exercise; apt external applications are also mandatory. And I am not talking just about the face.
As winters are approaching, our skin is getting drier day by day. Not to mention the chores of motherhood, work and day to day stress. So a moisturizer cannot suffice our demands. Here is where body butters come to the rescue.

I have been relying on Himalaya for ages for my personal care because it's safe, gentle, and researched. Post Delivery, I started using Himalaya babycare for my munchkin. So, when Himalaya organized a mommy bloggers meet last Saturday, I was elated. I was eager to know more about the baby and mommy range, and the meet exceeded my expectations! We were given foot massages and treated to nail art apart from the informative session by Dr. Subhashini. Not to forget the funny games played, sumptuous food served, and the cute goodie bag in the end!
That goodie bag had two body butters (my most favourite) and a bottle of intimate wash and intimate wipes. I would like to share my experience of the body butters with you all as I loved them so much.
Himalaya for moms is a special range curated for women which is safe to use right from the beginning of pregnancy. Our bodies go through so much turmoil and this brand happens to understand that very efficiently. Formulated after years of research, the products are a result of the amalgamation of the best of Ayurveda and modern science.
I tried the Himalaya for Moms Soothing Body butter in two variants:
Lavender: This cocoa butter rich emollient is infused with the calming fragrance of lavender.
It is to be applied daily; twice for better results. Slather it all over the body preferably after bath and before going to bed. The best part about this body butter is that it provides intense moisturisation. So even if you forget to apply twice, you can be assured that your skin would stay hydrated. Its rich texture with lingering fragrance rejuvenates the senses like never before.
Rose: The moisturising properties are same only the fragrance is different. This one is infused with the uplifting essence of rose.
Price: 110 INR for 50 ml. There are larger variants too. Also there is a Jasmine variant.
I personally loved the Lavender body butter more. I love to slather it on my body after a bath. Such little indulgences are much deserved at the end of a long, tiring day.
Have you tried Himalaya for yourself or your baby? What's your favourite product?

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  1. Great way to get pamper and time for yourself. Awesome post.

  2. Great post! Beautiful pics

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  3. I also love and trust Himalaya products. I have been using them for long.

  4. I trust himalayas a lot. Theur products are amazing. Love this informative post.

  5. Indeed, Himalaya have amazing range of products in their bucket. And this one specially for moms is much needed for them. Thanks, for sharing about the same.

  6. Himalaya is such a trusted brand and indeed it is one of the best one for every age people...great write up !

  7. Such a detailed post,I would definitely try the mom's range.