The Nine Yard wonder

by - 10/26/2018

The Saree draped like a gown...The Cinderella Drape
There is no other piece of clothing in the world that can be worn in at least hundreds of different styles.  The main element that can 'make' or 'break' a particular saree style is the blouse design. However I do not wear sarees on a daily basis. Its not that they take a lot of time to drape or they are not practical. My mom has worn them all the time. In fact she drapes a saree more quickly than I can put on a dress with belt! I do not wear them regularly because I find them special. I like to reserve them for special occasions. I love to treat them and dress them up elaborately. However I wear and re wear my special blouses all the time. If I particularly love a blouse design then I wear it with a lehenga, sometimes with a long skirt (for special occassions) or even with embellished pants! It's all about creativity.

Since I always love to switch up my saree and blouse game, I decided to drape the nine yard wonder in different styles; playing with different draping styles and of course blouses.
The Cocktail Drape..
So you can see that the saree need not be worn like a ‘saree’ only! You can redefine it in an endless number of ways! I have used an off shoulder blouse here for that party look.
The Kaftan Drape..
I have used a high neck blouse here for this special drape.
Here I am rounding up a few of my favourite blouse designs that can be worn with a saree or lehenga or even long skirts and pants as I said before on various occasions.

The neck of the blue one is special indeed. This one is perfect for pairing with lehengas or shararas. You can wear with a long skirt too! How cute are the tassels?Red is my colour. Anything paired with this gorgeous blouse is as perfect for walking on the red carpet as well as for any glam wedding. 

      Raising the bling quotient by a notch but not compromising on the elegance quotient.  Anything paired with this red blouse is as perfect for a girl’s day out as well as for an office party. To glam it up, wear with a bright saree. And to tone it down, even a plain cotton saree would look glamorous. How pretty are the sleeves?
The golden one is purely party wear. Nothing can go wrong while pairing anything with this blouse.

      This elaborate peacock blue and golden blouse is an example of exquisite craftsmanship. The elephant sleeves are absolutely stunning and so is the fabric of the blouse. Love the fluidity of the sleeves here.

      Blue and golden is one of my favourite colour combinations in an outfit. Anything paired with it is going to look very contemporary yet very chic and elegant. 

      This printed blue and orange blouse is an epitome of pure elegance. This is apt for an important office meeting or you can flaunt it at your friend’s bridal shower or a lunch date! 

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  1. Wow girl, you look so beautiful in saree. Loved how you have tried different drapes. The kaftan drape is very chic. L9ved the article .

  2. Wow all draping styles are so amazing. Love the different styles of blouse. Amazing post.

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  4. You look beautiful in all the style but I preferred the 1st look.

  5. Amazingly I loved all the drape styles which you have shared. I will surely try one this festive season.

  6. I loved all the styles that you have shared here..The Blouse designs are amazing too!