St Nicholas B n B, Bari, Italy

by - 10/24/2018

The rooftop was a nice place to have breakfast or just chill. I particularly loved the grapevines!
Our fabulous stay in an apartment in Istanbul  encouraged us to book more apartments in the future. So in Italy we searched for good B and Bs. For our last stop in Italy, Bari, we were in a fix whether to book a hotel or a B n B. Bari was not at all on my husband's list. He wanted to visit Napoli or Milano. It was my determination to visit the trulli of Alberobelo. There were a myriad of accomodation options. From trulli resorts to simple rooms, Bari had all.  We of course wanted a place which was at a walking distance from the railway station. Finally we found a B n B which was nice as well as near the Railway station. Alright not near but a twenty minute walk from the station.

Outside the Bari Centrale Station...tired face after a nine hour train journey
I was in a sad mood when we left Venice. I was leaving my dream city and I was not over it. It was like parting from a lover. Our train was early in the morning and it was rainy and chilly in Venice. It was an eight and half hours journey from there. It was our longest Italian train journey. And the train fare too was the highest we had paid anywhere else in Italy. 
Views of the Adriatic Sea from the train
Bari is the capital of Puglia province. Its a big, modern city. Puglia is known for its beaches. Our train kept on running along the Adriatic Sea. The vibe was so fresh, so touristy, that our moods immediately got uplifted! I started getting over Venezia!
The ambiance was absolutely different from that of rest of Italy. Tall buildings of modern architecture adorned the sides of the roads. It seemed like we had reached another country. We started walking towards our destination of course I had my natural GPS (husband ) with me.
All set to explore Bari
It was not at all a task hunting down the address. Our apartment was in Old Bari (Vecchia Bari) Everything was made of stone: from the roads to the pavements to the houses. However just to confirm our way, we asked a fellow sitting by the roadside. He got way too helpful and accompanied us to our apartment. Then he started asking for food and money! He won't leave! How scary!
Outside our was a stony neighborhood...
The B n was run by a pretty girl from Montenegro and a Bangladeshi guy. That guy got so emotional talking to me in Bengali that he gifted us an old bottle of wine (2009). He had not been to his country in seven years!
 The house was pretty and we loved every minute of our stay in it (which was very less as we were out all the time) It was entirely made of stone. The ceiling, the walls. There was however no interaction with our hosts as they did not live in the same house. It was kind of a hotel experience only; in true old Bari style. 
The stone walls...

Too bad it was raining...otherwise I would have enjoyed my meals here...

The vecchia Bari neighbourhood from top...That is a school at the back...

Later on I realised that the people of Puglia have a thing for sunflowers

The most delicious Italian coffee in the kitchenette.. 

Dress: Old navy

Sunnies: from Turkey

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  1. You look great awesome place you guys went to visit. The best blogger traveler.

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  3. Loved the Blog...Thanks for sharing such information...and Beautiful pictures ! Loved what you were wearing!

  4. Wow, you took us to an amazing place through your blog. I would love to travel this place in near future. Thanks!

  5. The place looks cozy. But I really loved the rooftop. The view is good and it provides nice ambiance.

  6. I am addicted to your travel posts so much 💓 lovely dress btw

  7. have heard a lot about travel blogs on Istanbul but honestly saying this one was one of the best, thank you for sharing such an amazing piece loved reading each and every point mentiones

  8. Lovely pictures! I have also been to Puglia. :) It's such a lovely region of Italy.

  9. Ahh this place looks so cute & quaint! Making me miss Italy, for sure.

    I'd love for you to check out my latest post if you get a chance, babe!

    Britt Correia x The Gypsy Files