The best place to see rice terraces in Bali, Indonesia

by - 8/20/2018

If you are new to this blog then let me tell you that our real penchant for exotic exploration started with Philippines. However I hat one regret that we couldn't explore the famous Banau rice terraces. Just like Philippines, Indonesia is an archipelago too and is a major rice producing nation. Often we visualize Bali with lush green rice fields. So before leaving for Bali, I did my share of research as to where to get the best view of rice terraces.

Tegalagang is a place very near to Ubud which has the most vast array of rice fields. Although you would spot them every where on this island ( even the infinity pool at our villa overlooked the rice fields) Tegalagang is where you would find them in the most visually appealing way. You may know already about my obsession with the colour light green so this was probably my fantasy to see lush green fields. But when we reached there we realised that we were not the only crazy ones because it was so crowded. But being said that, it's one of the most memorable experiences of Bali.

While riding across the length and breadth of the island we saw rice fields after every couple of kilometres. But nothing can equate with Tegalagang. First, the area over which this crop is grown in really vast. And secondly it's on a steep slope so it's terrace farming in the literal sense. We walked almost every corner of the fields and did a lot of climbing to get views from every possible angle. I was thrilled and more than satisfied with our excursion!

Points to remember:

There are two times in the year when the paddy fields are lush green. When they are newly sowed, they are too sparse. And when they start riping, they turn golden. Different areas of Bali (depending on the altitude) mature at different times. We visited in the first half of November and found the perfect shade of light green.

There are a couple of old women in between the fields who stop you for donation. That can be quite irritating as they literally force you and prohibit you from going ahead.
There are no entry fees. It's a field! Although someone may charge you for parking.
It is really hot and sunny and humid out there. Make sure you are carrying enough water because the scorching sun will suck you up! Don't forget to wear a hat or carry an umbrella.
Wear comfortable footwear. There is a lot of walking involved that too on slippery and muddy land. Make sure it has good grip.
There are lots of souvenir shops nearby but they charge exorbitant amounts. Make sure to haggle!
All said, it was one of the highlights of our trip.

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