Jungle trail

by - 1/27/2015

I have been an ardent nature lover right from childhood. So much was my penchant for blooms and greens that my dad used to say that he would marry me to a guy who owns a flower business firm!! Anyways my love for flora and fauna made botany my favourite subject and earned me 'the botanist' tag in my class. What has a physician got to do with botany?? ;)
the first glimpse of the Rajdari waterfalls...

In our latest trip I got the chance to explore pretty untouched nature. Being near to husband's hometown, he had been there on school picnics. I was surprised and thrilled that Uttar Pradesh has so many hidden gems! It was a wonderful trail through the Chakiyan district.

It was a two hour car ride to the Chandraprabha Wildlife sancturay..the home to the famous Rajdari waterfalls. The entrance fees were a bit steep considering the popularity of the place and its maintenance. Anyways as we drove through the sanctuary, I could smell the wilderness and the sound of the waterfalls became clearer. 

We parked the car near the waterfalls and ventured on foot. Ideally, the perfect time to see any waterfalls is the rainy season. But still we took chance in this dry weather. The amount of water flowing was pretty less as people are used to seeing but it was a glorious sight nonetheless!!
After spending a couple of hours in Rajdari ( exploring and picnicking) , we left for Devdari waterfalls. The  steep stony Vindhya mountain ranges pretty much reminded me of the Grand Canyon ( a tiny version of course). My husband also cajoled me to climb the watchtower to catch a better view; while I wobbled in fear and high heels :D
Our final stop was the Latif shah dam. During the rains one cannot climb above the dam. But right now, we pranced around on it!! There were a group a Peking ducks whom I chased around and finally they were forced to go back into the pond!!

The best part of the trip? The drive through the winding roads of the serene Vindhya ranges. One cannot imagine Uttar Pradesh to be this naturally blessed!
Stunning jungle trails. 

picturesque is the only word that comes to my mind....the Chandraprabha river in the background...

a little 'Pyar hua ikraar hua' moment!!

the forest guest house...

An impromptu moment with the love of my life!! 

lost in the jungle...

beautiful surroundings at the Latif Shah dam...

both father daughter busy in eating...
quack quack!!
The magnificent drive through the hills...

The Devdari waterfalls...

Basking in the beauty of nature. ...

prancing around on the Latif Shah dam...this would not have been possible during the rainy season!!

Dress: Globus
Scarf: Forever21
Wedges: from malaysia

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  1. You look stunning you baby precious amazing pictures.

  2. I love nature too! I love to explore everything! I love your sunglasses too!

    Raindrops of Sapphire - Personal blog

  3. What a perfect outfit. You look so stylish! That dress is such a standout.

  4. omg..this is such a pretty place..n I really love ur outfit.
    Ur girl is too cute...touch wood.


  5. Beautiful pictures! I love your scarf and sandals!

  6. Omg I can't believe you climbed up the watchtower in your heels. Amazing I couldn't do that. It was worth it though the view is totally breathtaking. Beautiful location and photos. You guys look totally gorgeous <3 Happy Sunday pretty!!

    xx glamdevils.com / miradevils.blogspot.com

  7. wow, beautiful pics!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP