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In my last post, I talked about shopping in China town, how all the designer rip offs were selling like hot cakes. But Malaysia is also an awesome shopping destination!! With an annual shopping festival just like Dubai, you can get every kind of product here. From luxury brands to high street labels, you name it, you would find it here. And the one stop mall for this is the Suria KLCC.

Kuala Lumpur is the home of the Petronas Twin Towers, the highest Twin Towers in the world. I have a fascination with everything large and mighty, I mean things mentioned in the Guinness book of world records. Some of the highest and largest which I have covered till now are : Burj Khalifa...tallest building, The Dubai Mall...largest mall, Akshardham Temple..largest temple campus, Singapore flyer...largest flyer, Dubai Mall Aquarium...largest aquarium, etc etc and here in Malaysia, the Petronas twin towers. Among the record breaking smallest, I have had the privilege to visit Taal Volcano...the smallest volcano here and the tarsier, smallest monkey in the world!!

Coming back to the Twin towers, they are basically the office of malaysian petroleum giant, Petronas. At the back of the office towers is the biggest mall of Malaysia, Suria KLCC. KLCC meaning Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. So a convention centre with loads of greenery and park area to play around and a world class mall. What else does a girl need?? :D

Well this mall will always remain close to my heart as I bought my first Louis Vuitton here!! Among other luxury labels, I also got a Pierre Cardin purse from here!!

After we visited the towers from inside, we invaded the mall for shopping. I made my parents sit at a restaurant while hopped from one showroom to other and shopped till I dropped; literally!!

After I was out of cash, I had to reluctantly go outside to see the gardens of convention centre. It was almost dusk, but it was very beautiful. There was a public pool too where kids were enjoying a dip.

After the high end hopping, we proceeded towards Sentral market, the hub of local handicrafts. I had to borrow money from my parents to buy souvenirs and other delightful knick knacks!! It was a very tiring yet an awesome day!! My first LV...yayy!! :D

The office of the Malaysian oil company, Petronas...
the Twin Towers during dusk...

Steel wonder inside the Twin Towers...

supporting the Twin Towers with my hands :D

I shopped till I dropped!! My first Louis Vuitton and Pierre Cardin bag :D

relaxing my feet after the gruelling shopping spree :D

The local market at night...

After designer labels, its time to go for handicrafts!! At the Sentral market...

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  1. Your outfit is so pretty and the hat very cool awesome pictures.

  2. wow♥ the Twin Towers look amazing!:) lovely pictures!

  3. perfect look!

  4. I want to visit kuala lumpur, you look drop dead gorgeous in that dress!

  5. I can understand your temptation but how much your hubby paid for extra luggage while coming back... ;)

  6. Love your big hat, it's so glam and ladylike! Perfect dress too, I love red!