The first Sunday of 2014

by - 1/06/2014

The fact  that 2013 is over is yet to sink in. I am sure we all make mistakes while writing the date…one tends to write 13 in place of 14 in the year slot :D  It would take a while to get used to writing 14!!
As yesterday was the first Sunday of 2014, it deserved to be special!!
On Saturday my sister in law flew down to our place with her two kids. She had her flight back home on Sunday morning. After a brief but meaningful stay, we dropped them off at the airport early in the morning. As we were already 40 kms away from home, we decided to drive farther and reached Gurgaon!!
It was a chilly foggy morning. We drove to Ambience Island, parked the car in the Ambience Mall and went for a morning stroll. The beautiful yellow blooms of mustard could be seen on the other side of the fence. I just love those lush yellow fields with a blanket of mist above!!
I was so engrossed in soaking up the mist and dew that I forgot to take enough pictures!! On the flipside, I even got a running nose!! Anyways, after a beautiful day of lunch and shopping later, we returned in the evening. It was a lovely Sunday!!

perfect start to a winter morning!!

the road was really very cold :D

love the mist and the yellow mustard fields...

the mustard fields made me climb up the wall...

mirror mirror who is the craziest of us all!!

a new location for photoshoot!!

playing peek a boo..
still in xmas mood..

me with my sis in law and the kids at the airport departure...

shorts: Zara
jacket : Forever21
sweater: Zara
pumps:marie Claire

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  1. Even i did something unusual this sunday.... 40 kms for airport.. it seems we stay nearby!

  2. You look great on a fogging morning nice to enjoy the day.

  3. I love the jacket!! Amazing pictures!! Happy New Year!!

  4. Sounds like a fantastic way to begin the new year. The photos are gorgeous as always. :)

  5. Great shorts! I love your hat and jacket as well - wonderful combo! Fabulous way to start off the new year!

  6. Me encanta el look


  7. Cute POst. I love what u r wearing.


  8. like so much your leopard shorts

  9. Your biker jacket is super cool!
    Happy 2014 :D

  10. What an amazing look. Love the cute shorts so much. One of my favorite look :)

    xx Mira

  11. that are really sweet photos of you! wishing you a great weekend

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  13. Lovely layered outfit :)

    I'm still forgetting to write 2014 as the date, haha! I keep writing 2013 too.

    Away From Blue

  14. Happening new year :) your post are so beautiful and full of magic places. Kisse from italy

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