an unfulfilled dream and a proud wife....

by - 9/22/2013

Part II
This post is a sequel of my latest trip. I always wanted to be a doctor since childhood. Well I wanted to be a rockstar too :D Hence my earnest interest in music and dance :D Coming back to my medico aspiration, even my first Barbie was a doctor barbie!! I was that much obsessed!! As I started growing up, I realised venturing into this profession requires a lot of dedication and hard work. As my 11th standard started, I was overburdened with studies. I also started dreaming about the medical institutes where I would like to get in. Every medical aspirant fantasizes AIIMS but that is next to impossible given the limited seats and the difficulty level of its entrance test. My next preference was King George Medical College  which is one of the very few medical colleges of India to be established before independence. Founded in 1904, it is one of the best in the country. But getting here also meant achieving a top rank in the entrance test. Sadly, I could not make it here because of my rank:(  But I was satisfied as I got admission in NHMC 
and finally became a doctor :)

I first met my husband in his hospital. He says he fell in love with me at his first sight; but it was not so in my case. I was attracted to him as inspite of being so senior to me, he treated me so nicely. I was just an intern then, but he treated me with respect. As our conversation progressed, I learnt that he is a medical graduate from KGMC, my dream college!! My respect for him intensified and gradually, I fell in love with his humble and loving nature.
This time when we went to Lucknow he took me to his institute. I was thrilled. It is a huge institute producing the best doctors of the country every year. I felt so proud of my husband that I realised that my unfulfilled dream has been accomplished through him.

the exquisite architecture of the administrative block...

the admin building was established in 1909

department of anatomy...

the administrative block...

the department of physiology...

the principal's the architecture...
the beautiful administrative block...

physiology lab..

relieving old times...hubby in his medicine lecture theatre

The ENT and Orthopedics department...

the medical superintendent office...

At the entrance of the vast campus...

I wore:
Top: Esprit
leggings: Forever21
Purse: Marie Claire
Sunnies: from Bangkok
Accessories: forever21

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  1. wow! love your blogg!

  2. wow! such an interesting place!:) and your outfit is flawless as always♥:)

  3. You look stunning!!! Xx

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  4. What a beautiful post Mandira..n so cute is ur love story..!
    I love the architecture of KGMC.

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  5. Beautiful location, I Love your shirt

  6. That's a really sweet story- it sounds like you and your husband were meant to be. It's funny how life can bring you those little surprises, especially since you were so earnest in going to King's College but your husband had already achieved it for you- that's destiny and love combined in a lovely package. Looks like you had an amazing time on your trip, love your outfit :)

  7. that is such a sweet story! It sounds like fate how you guys met!

    Your photos are beautiful and so is the location! I also love the shirt you are wearing!

  8. Beautiful photos and nice outfits!!

  9. Thanx for passing by ! Nice blog ! Lovely dress ! The color looks really good on you !Greets from Italy !


  10. Your story is beautiful :)
    That coral color looks great with your skin tone!

  11. It's so nice post i love it :)

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  14. What a wonderful love story! And the photos are beautiful.

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  15. really love this pictures
    you look so stunning.
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  16. Beautiful outfit! I love the colors you used especially the blue with the pants.


  17. Very nice outfit and pics!!!

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  18. Oh this is a sweet story =) It's nice to see that you got closer to your dream.!

    I really like this layout of your blog! Also thanks for stopping by my blog =)

  19. That was such a sweet love story ! God bless you always !
    Kisses Shreya

  20. what nice photos and such a lovely story! great blog!

  21. beautiful photos!!!!

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  22. LOVE the color of those blue pants!


  23. Loved reading this post, and love the photos!!



  24. Great pictures.
    first look.

  25. Very nice photos! I love it!
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  26. You look adorable. Beautiful color mix. The building looks stunning. Finally you fulfilled your dream through him. Isn't it amazing how life works sometimes.

    xx glamdevils