Book Review: Goagram by Bina Nayak

by - 3/29/2024

 Title: Goagram

Author: Bina Nayak 

Genre: Fiction, Comedy

Publisher: Harper Collins

First of all, the book cover is extremely attractive! Secondly, it's based in Goa! I mean do you know anyone who doesn't love Goa? Well, I will let you know my little secret: it's my favourite place in India! And thirdly, it's about a Delhi influencer's adventures in the smallest state of India! What else could I have asked for? Did I need more? No! I just grabbed my copy and devoured it.

This novel has a bit of everything: comedy, adventure, ambition, nostalgia, drama and even SA. And everything is weaved so naturally that you will start living the life of Madhur, the protagonist, vicariously.

There are some real life lessons too, like Madhur and her tech friend discuss about online safety on their podcast. I have been blogging for the past 11 years now, which has evolved into "influencing" since a few years and I couldn't relate more what she did and had to say.

Some parts will set you laughing like crazy while you would be biting your nails in others. The friendships and relationships portrayed in this story are so pure....the landlady was like an angel to Madhur and so was her nephew. It feels so refreshing to know that good people do exist these days too.

Set during the dreadful pandemic era, the backdrop is very relatable. How a Delhiite escapes to Goa to run away from grief as well as the pandemic and also to give her life a fresh start. Be it her influencer journey or an aspiring fashion designer, her trip through the various stages of career are very realistic. In the end she manages to win and you keep on cheering for her. But her impending success does not come without struggles. She gets sexually assaulted, catches Covid and sinks into depression for a considerable amount of time. Also her mother like landlady leaves her; and she is absolutely on her own , far away from home.

It's a feel good story but not without some shocking moments in between. I loved the book. Anyone who loves light hearted novels would fall for this. The illustrations, although few, are very beautiful and thoughtfully done.

Rating: 5/5

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