How to get rid of body hair permanently?

by - 9/16/2019

Since time immemorial, women and men alike have tried to get rid of body hair. Whether a girl loves to wear short dresses or wants to prep herself for beach, she wants to get rid of body hair. But the need/want of unwanted body hair removal is not just restricted to any gender or any age group. Men too want their chests clean whether they want to hit the gym or beach. And if they are too much hairy, they want to remove their body hair. Similarly females irrespective of their age, remove axillary hair. And if they are suffering from any medical condition that causes growth in facial hair, then the maintenance is on a different level altogether. This regular process is cumbersome, time consuming as well as hassle. People have always craved for some way to get rid of this nuisance permanently.
There are a number of solutions for this in the market.

 Waxing and threading: Be it a salon or home, waxing takes time and money. Not to forget the pain associated with it. But the worst part is that it has to be done at regular intervals and the growth of hair increases with time.

Depilatory creams: A painless process yet have to be repeated frequently.

Laser Hair removal: This is an expensive as well as a tedious process. The bad part is that even after multiple sessions it doesn't guarantee you permanent hair removal. Also it's not a painless process.

Electrolysis/Thermolysis: These procedures guarantee permanent hair removal but the pain quotient is too high. Also it's very time consuming as well as expensive so it's tough for whole body hair removal. Not to forget the pain associated with it.

Natural hair growth inhibitor: Now this is something very promising, safe and effective. NEUD has really great results and is painless, safe and effective, only when applied consistently over the time.
So how does this help?
Every hair has a tiny bulb like structure inside our skin which is called follicle. It can be commonly addressed as root. So the NEUD cream penetrates inside the skin and acts on the follicle and destroys it, so that new hair can't grow.

How long does this take to work?
Results may vary from person to person as hair growth (rate of growth as well as thickness) is different for everyone. One must use NEUD regularly for 8 to 12 months to get results.
How to use?
After hair removal on the desired body part (armpits, face or arms and legs) massage this cream onto the skin till it gets fully absorbed.

After waxing apply NEUD twice daily for 5 days.

After shaving/cream apply NEUD daily. Note: NEUD is not a depilatory cream. It helps to retard hair growth by going inside the skin and destroying the follicles.

Is it safe?
NEUD cream is made from natural ingredients and is an Ayurvedic medicine. It contains Gymnema sylvestre, papaya and sunflower oil extracts. So it's 100% safe with zero side effects.

So what are the advantages of using NEUD cream?
. Permanent hair growth reduction.
No more unwanted body hair.
Minimize need for hair removal
Smoother skin for longer duration.
Painless and suitable for all types.

Price: ₹1499 for 80 gm bottle. It is a pump bottle so very convenient to use. 

You can get it here and also on Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart and major e commerce sites. 

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