Book review: Tasty Tiffin by Archana Doshi

by - 6/20/2024

 Title: Tasty Tiffin

Author: Archana Doshi

Genre: Cook Book, non fiction 

Publishers: Harper Collins 

Pages: 131

Paperback with coloured food photographs 

I am sure we all moms have been there ...what to pack for school? Something that doesn't contain instant noodles or other kind of junk! 

Packing tiffin in the morning for school is one of the most daunting tasks of motherhood. I am sure every mom or caregiver will be able to relate. Coming up with a new recipe everyday, at least 5 new dishes a week (then it can be repeated the next week) is a challenging task, especially when kids are picky. So many boxes need to be checked: the food item should remain fresh till lunch break, shouldn't get soggy, shouldn't have a strong aroma, should be healthy and nutritious and so on and so forth.

The author Archana Doshi , a mother of two boys herself has come up with this brilliant idea of simplifying and decoding tiffin recipes for kids. Since these dishes have been approved by her sons, it's pretty much understood that these would be kids' approved universally (Indian cuisine consumers)

Hence his is an indispensable book for moms.  Archana Doshi, the founder of Archana's kitchen has shared 40 + recipes that will solve all your lunch packing woes. She has very clearly described the recipe in a step by step method and there are coloured pictures of the dishes! 

The day this book arrived, my 10 year old made cucumber cheese sandwich (with a little bit of my help) and was over the moin satisfied. (Partly because it was delicious and partly because she made it). Similarly, there are a number of recipes that you can try with your kiddo. 

The book is divided into 6 sections:

Small snack ideas

Sandwiches, pancakes and waffles 

Quesadilla, pasta and noodles 

Indian tiffin style Ideas

Mixed rice ideas 

Roti sabzi ideas 

There are a variety of sweet and savoury items, with drinks like shakes too. I personally have never packed any shake for my kids ever, because my brain is practically non functioning in the morning.

The mixed rice and roti sabzi ideas have worked well for my kids at home since they don't prefer taking rice to school. The recipies cover almost whole of India with continental ideas of course ( sandwich, muffins, pastas etc). In a nutshell, it's a cheat code for a successful lunch break.

Moreover, the book comes with a meal planner which is a key to hassle free cooking routine because you can keep track of the groceries needed and also a list of the food items that is to be prepared. Also, it's so cute and makes the refrigerator look enticing!

Rating: 5/5

Definitely grab this book if you are a mom or need help with tiffin planning.


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