Book Review: The Great Indian Tamasha by Rasika Bhatia

by - 7/12/2023

 Title: The Great Indian Tamasha

Author: Rasika Bhatia

Genre: Memoir/ Anecdotes

Pages: 170

Before I start any book, I like to know more about the author. And when I learned that Rasika was a visual artist at Archies, I knew I was for a treat in reading her book. A graphic designer/artist of my favourite brand of childhood; she must be immensely creative. I can very well imagine how beautiful her events would be. In fact I wish I had her as my wedding planner! Anyways, when a bespoke wedding planner decides to jot down her experiences, that sure is going to be exciting! After all, Indian weddings are nothing less than a tamasha; especially when it involves fat brides and fatter budgets.

Blurb: The book is an easy breezy read; very short chapters; each narrating a different wedding prep story. What I loved most is that Rasika narrates in the first person, as if she is telling the story there itself. Something really sad about this industry that I came to know is the pending payments and running behind them. I used to think that chasing payments is very much pre dominant in the influencer industry, but it seems that it is so much rampant in the wedding industry too! Who wants to earn bad omen by holding back the money? There is even a chapter where a client comes back running with impending payments because his daughter's marriage was already on the rocks.

From facing corrupt politicians to donning the hat of a detective, to being a counseller to the groom's mom to being a philanthrope, Rasika does it all. 

Almost every anecdote has an illustration; which is so graphic that you can totally visualize the entire situation. This is what you get when a visual artist wants to write her memoir.

This book may not be fiction/imaginary; but is way more entertaining! It's hilarious most of the times, nail biting at some places and even sad. 

I just wish Rasika revealed us the endings of the stories. I know she is bound by client manager confidentiality but you become so invested in their lives that you just want to know how those things culminated.

Cheers to Rasika for being so professional, brave (defending mafia and all) and such an excellent writer. It was such a fresh take on the glitzy wedding industry that we see from outside!

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  1. Seems like a really interesting book! Want to read...

  2. "The Great Indian Tamasha" by Rasika Bhatia sounds like an intriguing read! The title itself suggests an engaging and captivating story. It's always exciting to discover new books that offer a glimpse into the complexities and vibrancy of Indian culture. I'm curious to explore the pages of this book and immerse myself in the world of the "tamasha." Thank you for the recommendation, and I'm looking forward to experiencing this literary adventure!

  3. I been reading the same book for a while now.
    Coffee is on, and stay safe.

  4. I am not a big fan of graphic novels. But Rasika's book, from what I understand, is prose with illustrations, which, by the way are so smart and contemporary. While not a big fan of Indian wedding stories, seems like she has added interesting twists to this familiar tale. Adding this to my list of books to read. Hope Rasika Bhatia comes up with more such work. 

  5. This book by Rasika sounds like a light and breezy read. Indian wedding stories is a topic that mkes for truly interesting reading. Sandy N Vyjay

  6. I absolutely loved your book review of "The Great Indian Tamasha" by Rasika Bhatia! Your insightful analysis and engaging writing style make me eager to read the book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, keep up the great work! 👍📚

  7. I loved your review, it itself making me want to read this enticing book esp when you mentioned about the pending payments.. hahaha. Every industry I think have to deal with such issues.

  8. I love easy breezy short books. Loved the way you shared the details. Adding the book in my next purchase list.. wonderful. Thanks for the share.

  9. The Great Indian Tamasha" by Rasika Bhatia sounds like an interesting read. Being an avid reader I would love to read the book. Short and easy chapters do not take much time o finish. Thanks for the suggestions.