How important is learning English?

by - 4/22/2018

When I landed in Melbourne, I was I wished I moved here permanently!

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I am sure you must have been abroad. And the moment you have landed in a First world country, you must have sighed 'how clean is everything!' Well let me declare...You are not the only one! Cribbing over certain aspects of our motherland (uncleanliness, corruption, iliteracy, etc) doesn't make us less in love with our own country. But it certainly evokes a desire to shift to a better place for studies and eventually for settling down in life.
 People like my parents were overtly content with their country. That's why they neither thought of migrating nor sending me abroad for higher studies. For them abroad was just for vacations. My Dad being an engineer in a PSU got numerous opportunities to settle abroad for work but he never accepted those offers. Fast forward 10 years since my first exotic trip, I now know the difference. How I wish I could have studied and eventually settled in any of the developed nations. My profession does not have any scope for settling abroad in the near/distant future. So I have to be content with just exotic vacations only. I however have decided that my daughter will go to study abroad. It's not that I don't love my country. I love my motherland to bits. However I want my piece of heart to lead a better life without any pollution. And I think there is no harm in wanting that.
Moving abroad for studying comes with its own set of challenges. In order to get accepted in a university one has to get a good score in the English Language test and that's a mammoth task as we belong to a non English speaking nation. When it comes to English, we Indians rank far better than European or South American nations as we are introduced to this language right from childhood. However when it comes to proving our mettle as an English speaker on an international level, it's quite a challenge. I have seen hundreds of my friends toil for IELTS and TOEFL test. So many of my friends were denied their student Visa as they were unable to get the required score on time. A lot many were denied their PR because of the same reason. I don't want my daughter to face all this. So I have started my homework pretty early and I have discovered an English Language test which is superior to all.

 What is PTE Academic?
The PTE Academic stands for Pearson Test of English Academic which is a computer based language test that helps in getting admission into Foreign universities or for migration. It's the fastest, fairest and the most flexible way to prove one's English language proficiency for immigration or student visa.

What is the process of PTE?
Just like any exam, preparation is very important. One should be thorough with the test format and be able to tackle questions correctly. PTE Preparation Course fully develops you for the real test. You can sign up for online tutorial and can take numerous inspired tests. There is a free Test Taker handbook available in 7 languages with lots of FAQS. Also you can judge whether you are ready for the test or not through Practice Tests Plus. There is also a provision for advanced preparation. Test takers can book courses online and take scored practice tests which can guide them as to when they are ready to book the real test.

What is the format of PTE Academic?

Why PTE?
With a couple of other established English proficiency tests, why should one opt for PTE?

PTE Academic is a fully computerized test which means zero bias. Results are available within 5 days which is super fast as compared to other tests. Also this test is approved in all the Australian, New Zealand and Irish universities and hundreds of other universities in USA and Canada and 96% of universities in the UK. Not to mention innumerable universities in rest of the world. Prestigious institutes like Cornell University, Leeds University, Monash, Harvard, Webster University, University of Ottawa, etc etc all accept PTE Academic.You can send your scores online to a number of institutions without any extra charge. The test is very flexible as you can book 24 hours in advance. It is conducted on 360 days a year with over 200 centres around the world. It's conducted on a single day over a 3 hour session. Therefore it's #DefinitelyPTE

Below is a tabular comparison of PTE Academic with other known English tests.

How is PTE Academic structured?

How to interpret the scores?

The test is scored on the Global Scale of English, granular scale of 10 to 90.
Since scoring is fully computerised, it's unbiased and highly accurate. It does not really matter where test takers come from as it's computerised. Palm vein scanning, randomized test forms and data forensics ensure test score validity.

How to book a test?

Booking the test is relatively easy and can be done conveniently by phone or online.

Before booking the test the candidate should be ready to furnish the following details as they appear in their documents if identification. Name, Date of birth, Citizenship, Country and City of birth, Credit or Debit Card details.
Online they can register and create a Pearson account. once their login details are received via email, test takers can schedule a test.
There are numerous centres in India in cities like Global Oppurtunities New Delhi, Global Reach Kolkata, Edwise Consultants Pvt Ltd Mumbai, Chennai, Global Reach Nagpur and many other cities too. All over the world, they have centres in USA, UK, Vietnam, Canada, Turkey, Australia, etc etc.

I guess PTE Academic has made immigration and Student visa approval pretty much a cakewalk process. At least now I know what test my daughter would appear in. It would be #DefinitelyPTE

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  1. usefull article, It is very important to learn english

  2. Is very important to learn English or a least know some of it to communicate.

  3. This was a very informative post.. loved reading your experience.. I remember my maiden trip to my dream city - NYC. The next day when I came back to India, I cribbed for 1 week! :D

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  6. Thanks for guiding students with valuable information. The representation and layout of the post are also very good. If anyone wants to perfect 90 in the PTE exam then practice with PTE Practice test that helps to get a desired score.

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