Jingle all the way

by - 12/24/2013

Christmas is just one day away!! Yayy!! We Indians are the most secular when it comes to holidays. People from all religions come together to celebrate every festival. Hindus celebrate Christmas and Id with full fervor while Muslims and Christians look forward to Dusshera, Diwali and Holi!! We are the epitome of secularism when to comes to holidays!!

In my case, Christmas has always been a a day for gifts, good food (esp. cakes and desserts) and picnic time…right from childhood. My Mom used to make delicious cakes and surprise me with gifts. And we used to take full advantage of the chilly yet sunny weather by going for a picnic!!  So our Christmas used to be Mom packing yummy lunch and dad driving us to a nice lakeside or a park. Now that I am married ,this does not happen anymore!!

Now what happens is that often my husband is not there to accompany me on holidays. Even if those holidays mean big festivals like Diwali , Dusshera and Christmas!! I know…poor me L That’s the flip side of being a busy surgeon’s wife. But that doesn’t dampen my festive spirit.. I always have my bestie to count upon!! Last year, I had a blast with her on this day!!

all ready with my Xmas shopping...

red red everywhere!!

a make believe wonderland...

me with my bestie in front of a chocolate Xmas tree...

I would really love to gorge on this chocolate Xmas tree...

this one is not chocolate!! :D

gifts galore!! the best part of Xmas!!

doughnuts under the sun...

Xmas is incomplete without Santa!!
the last supper!!
  Dress : Globus
 Sunnies: Aldo
 Sweater : Zara

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  1. Amazing place very festive.
    Merry Christmas may it bring happiness and laughter to you and yours.

  2. Wishing you and your family a holly jolly Christmas filled with love and peace!

  3. Merry Christmas dear!:) May all your wishes and dreams come true!♥


  4. Lovely place!!
    Happy holidays................;)


  5. Merry Christmas!! I love your Dress!

  6. It was really nice learning a bit about your Christmas traditions :)
    Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!


  7. Hi dear!!! Happy holidays!!!
    Passa a trovarmi VeryFP

  8. Happy holidays! I wish u a merry time)

  9. Looks nice! Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)

    Away From The Blue