Book Review: A Drop Of You by Krishna Chhetri

by - 1/21/2020

Title: A Drop Of You
Author: Krishna Chhetri
Genre: Romance
Number of pages: 271

Love: A sugar coated poison. Do you agree with me? Or you feel like shooting me for saying such a thing?
Before jumping to conclusions, just give this a thought. Is love really unconditional? Not according to me. If I love my husband, I expect him to love me back even more. If I love my daughters, I exxpect them to love me back even more fiercely. However, some love stories are definitely unconditional. Those are unrequited love.

A Drop Of You is a beautiful story throwing light on the two different types of love: Conventional affection and an unrequited one. This story is a love triangle between Karma, Ghazal and Diana. Karma and Ghazal are madly in love with each other while Karma's childhood friend Diana is his bestie and loves him with all her might. She understands him like no one else, not even his love Ghazal.

Gradually things turn bitter as the communication gap between Karma and Ghazal increases and the friendship and proximity of Karma and Ghazal causes trouble. Eventually they break up and things turn absolute sour. However Karma had only one soulmate Ghazal but she fails to understand him as she is blinded by her suspicion with Diana. Karma wants to get back with her but in vain.

Spoiler Alert: Don't read this if you want to stay away from the spoiler.

Karma and Ghazal don't patch up. Karma tries to get her back through her best friend but she shoos him away saying that Ghazal had found someone else and is living happily. While Ghazal is craving for Karma to come back.

Will Karma get together with Diana? Or fate has something else? A must read love story. 

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  1. Well! I just kept myself away from the spoiler. And I am full of curiosity what happened to them. Did the two got back together or did Diana got her love. I guess, I will find out soon in my copy.

  2. Looks like a very interesting read, Mandira. Thanks for the recommendation. I will read this on my flight to Madhya Pradesh today.

  3. Nice story. Read the spoiler too because I'm too curious when it comes to love stories. Love is something not many can explain so to understand which one is love is quite difficult at times unless you let your heart to lead you.

  4. I wish I were more into love stories. This book sounds like a perfect gift for my cousin who is fond of romantic tales.

  5. Wow I read the spoiler and am blown :-! I usually avoid stories which rip my heart . This one seems like something which could haunt me for days .

  6. couldn't hold myself from reading a spoiler, but now i want to grab this book even more. looks like a heart touching read.

  7. This love story looks interesting and after reading short description I decided to skip the spoiler part ;) Will definitely going to read the book. Thanks for the recommendation

  8. Sometimes you read stories which bring back memories .. I know someone with very similar story. The angst and pain of love is real. I would like to read this book

  9. I loved reading your post and I did read the spoiler the book story looks fantastic as usual.

  10. Seems like an engaging plot. I’m curious fo know how much you would rate it?
    Noor Anand Chawla

  11. I feel love is a really complex emotion and one person can never feel every single aspect of it in one's life... My bestie loves books like these... Will share this with her!

  12. This is an interesting read for romance book lovers. I would recommend this to my friend. Thanks

  13. Amazing and insightful post.
    The way the story is narrated, I really loved it.
    I was quite charmed by the title and the blurb of the book.Great thoughts.