How to lose weight in the natural way?

by - 5/21/2019

Weight is one attribute that we all might have struggled at one point of life or the other. Although weight is pretty flexible (in the sense that height cannot be changed after a certain age) losing weight becomes tougher as age increases. In order to know about weight loss, it's important to discuss why does one become overweight in the very first place. I am talking about adult obesity/overweight here.

1. Constitution: Some people are overweight right from childhood. Usually they have parents who are broad boned and overweight too. Not much can be done in this case as this is 'normal'

2. Underlying disease: Many systemic disorders cause increase in weight. In girls, the commonest is hypothyroidism i.e lack of Thyroid hormone and increased Thyroid Stimulating Hormone which causes slowing down of metabolism and hence weight gain. The second commonest in girls is Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD. Other diseases can be Cushing's syndrome, Insulin resistance (leading to accumulation of fat in body), Prader Willi syndrome etc etc.

3. Faulty diet: Overeating or indulging in too much junk food on a regular basis can cause drastic increase in weight. This is commoner in the affluent society because of unhealthy eating practices. So when does one gain weight from eating? When the calorie intake exceeds the calories burnt, the extra calories keep on accumulating and finally turn into fat deposits. Unhealthy eating habits like taking too much oily food, diet loaded with sugar, etc also lead to weight gain.

4. Sedentary habit: Our body needs to be moving to boost metabolism. Also we should keep on taking multiple breaks in our daily schedule to shake our circulation time and again. Some people are sedentary due to multiple reasons: they have a sitting job, knee problem or other joint problems that don't permit to move around, any surgery or injury that restricts movement or plain laziness...all these factors lead to weight gain.

5. Post natal stage: Again one of the commonest in females. During pregnancy, a female's body undergoes through a lot of hormonal changes so the new mom finds it quite challenging to lose the baby weight. Coupled with physical restrictions, lack of time and increased calorie requirement for breastfeeding, it is an uphill task to lose the baby weight.

Now how to lose weight? There are many ways to do so but you should always opt for means that are natural, healthy and long lasting. I mean you can lose hundreds of grams from a sauna session but that isn't permanent! It's just water weight. So here I am enumerating a few healthy ways to lose weight which would last.

1. Healthy diet: Well the hard truth is weight loss/maintenance is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I terrible does this sound especially for foodies like me? The fact is that in order to lose weight, one has to burn more calories than what is consumed. So it's easier to consume lesser calories than trying to burn out hundreds of them. It's not even feasible. Avoid sugar, too much salt, oily food and restrict carbs. Although one should definitely consult a dietitian before taking the plunge as dietary requirements are different for everyone. A feeding mom trying to lose baby weight needs a different approach altogether from a man who is suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.
 2. Exercise: As cliched as it may sound, exercise is fundamental in reducing weight. It can be yoga, gymming, swimming or even brisk walking. You need to burn those stubborn fat... ain't it? Also regular exercise helps to maintain the lost weight too and also protects us from various diseases. And that endorphin rush? The high which you get can match no other happiness. But always remember to consult your doctor before starting any regime.

3. Medicine: There are hundreds of medicines in the market that 'claim' to reduce weight...but how effective/safe are they?
Well then fret not as Dr Vaidya's Weight Reduction Pack is here. This trusted Ayurvedic medicine fights against obesity and high cholesterol. It is 100% natural and chemical free and very effective.

The medicine consists of Lipoherb and Kabaj pill.
 Lipoherb is a fat cutter which stimulates metabolism of fat cells and burns fat. It consists of herbs like Harda Ghan, Amla Rasayan, and Shuddha Guggul Powder. 

Kabaj Pill helps in bowel movement and hence fights constipation. This stimulates metabolism and helps getting rid of toxins. 

What is the dosage:
Lipoherb thrice a day before meals, for ages 15 and above.

Kabaj pill: 2 pills before going to bad (for severe constipation)

                   1 pill before going to bed (for general constipation)

Price: 720 INR for the pack which will last one month.

Recommended Dosage: 3 months.

Precautions to be followed:
  • Stay away from too much sugar, oily and fried food.
  • Take fibre rich food, probiotic food and lots of water.
  • Exercise daily

Before starting any weight loss medicine kindly take consultation from doctor +91 98202 91850

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  1. I was looking for some save options to cut down my extra calorie this brand look promising

  2. The title of this post itself intrigued me so much! I am a little hesitant to try supplements for weight loss, but the natural herbs are definitely the best way to begin this journey. Thank you for the recommendation.
    Noor Anand Chawla

  3. This is such a great read Mandira..a lot of people would love to really use it..i loved few tips too!

  4. I really need to incorporate exercise in my daily routine but with baby it becomes so difficult. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Losing weight in natural ways is just superb .. Coz this z a safe way to lose weight without side effects.

  6. Thank you Aishwarya, this is helpful. We all want to stay fit but always choose the wrongs way to get fit, like dieting. It never helps though just makes you weak. Will try these ways out to stat fit and fine.

  7. Thank you Mandira, this is helpful. We all want to stay fit but always choose the wrongs way to get fit, like dieting. It never helps though just makes you weak. Will try these ways out to stat fit and fine.

  8. With so many fad diets and ways to lose weight quickly going around, this was a much needed post. Thanks for breaking down everything.

  9. Thanks for sharing it I definitely need to try it Are the results satisfactory?

  10. Have not been able to shed my pregnancy weight ..your tips sounds great. will try them for sure.

  11. I am recently following many of the mentioned points to stay fit and shed some kilos from body.

  12. I really need to try this out, was looking for some quick and easy ways to shed pounds. I hope this will work for me as well.

  13. I generally don't take pills, and it's a common notion also that we should work out and loose weight but after reading your posts I realized that why not give natural pills a try !

  14. will surely give them a try..since long try to reduce weight but of no use.

  15. Naturopathy is the best healing treatment for all disease.This is natural way for weight loss.If you are tired of all the pill popping to loose weight and want to make a difference in a more holistic way, then getting in touch with naturopathy is definitely a good idea. Naturopathy center in pune provide best treatment for weight loose and it is natural way of reducing weight.So no need to worry of bad effects.You can trust on it easily.

  16. I am just trying to exercise little and control over my diet ...but never used these...will sure check out!!

  17. Healthy diet and exercise helps to reduce weight the right way