by - 4/03/2019

Is there any girl who does not like dresses? Well no one that I know of! Stripes are a universal favourite; especially vertical ones as well as  bodycon dresses and high low ones. We always hear that one should dress according to the body type and not according to trends. Having said that, both can be combined too! So embrace things that are classic yet always trendy like stripes. And today I would like to elaborate few ways on how to accentuate your figure.

1. Maxi Dress: This kind hugs your body at just the right places and slims your pelvis and elongates your lower half. You can choose from a myriad of womens long maxi dresses here.

2. High Low dress: The best part about this style is that the longer back hides your bottom which is often the most insecure part of a female. I love how flirty it is without being revealing. Also you can stoop without any worries! Explore a lot of options here.

3. Sexy Bodycon Dresses: Not everyone can pull this look but those who don't have flab can look even fitter! I love bodycon dresses for many reasons: they make me look slimmer and smarter. I love longer versions though. They look less provocative!

4. See through dress: Okay so this may not be for everyone but is very flirty nonetheless. You can layer with a cami or just go with it as it is! Here are plenty of see through dress for you!
5. A vertical striped blouse adds an illusion of height. It makes your torso look longer as  well as your legs. The vertical stripes also makes you look slim since it elongates the body. You can select a lot of cheap blouses online.
6. Avoid anything very contrasting to prevent looking shorter. Like a solid white blouse with a solid black skirt or vice versa. It divides the body sharply making you look short and stubby.
7. Wear nude heels to elongate the legs. Avoid footwear that has ankle straps as they shorten your legs.
8. Avoid big prints to prevent looking fat. Go for solid colours or monochromatic look to defy the same. Also small prints make you look slim and youthful.
9.Wear dark colours to look slimmer. That is a cliche but very effective! So with major points now on the mind, go shop to your heart's content and body style! Selaros is my favourite online brand when it comes to online shopping! Happy styling!

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  1. Oh, beautiful dresses!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. This is sensible and easy to follow advice. You are right- all girls love to wear dresses!
    Noor Anand Chawla

  3. Wonderful tips dear on dealing wardrobe issues connected with height and flab. The online store has good options for all...👍

  4. The tips are really cool. I love wearing maxi dresses as they shape the body so well.

  5. We need to buy clothes wisely depending upon our body type, very informative post.