Post Partum Corset Belt: How to get a flat belly after pregnancy

by - 9/03/2018

This is a much asked and sorted topic for not only all the mums out there but a major deciding factor for many figure conscious females too. Although I am far for an expert myself (I am yet to lose my baby fat; leave a flat belly after four years of giving birth,) I decided to throw some light on this topic as too many moms had been asking me lately. Also I wish I knew about postpartum corset belt during my puerperum stage. Since I had c sec, the yoyogirdle's  c section would have helped me a lot in achieving what I haven't in the last four years.

1. Don't diet, give up refined food/ carbs.
A lot many paranoid moms start dieting strictly immediately after birth to get back to shape ASAP. But they forget the most important part: nourishment. Not only the mother's body needs prolific nutrition after giving birth but also for milk production. The key here is to have a diet rich in proteins, calcium, some healthy fats (nuts, coconuts, avocados, fish) and lots of roughage. If you don't take enough fibre, first you are not going to sense fullness (and bound to keep munching) and second, suffer from constipation. For foodies like me, this is really tough and I have never dieted a single day in my entire life.
The key here is to have less number of chapatis, little rice, lots of fruits and vegetables and no refined/processed food at all. Ditch areted/ sweetened drinks totally and no artificial sweeteners. Treat yourself ocassionally.

2. Exercise: You should start walking as early as possible. If you had a C section, then also you can start walking slowly after a week of your surgery. Early ambulation is very important. You can resume full fledged exercise 3 months after giving birth but only after consulting your OB/GYN. You can also wear a Postpartum girdle C section to help flatten your belly like this yoyogirdle's Maggördel. However this should also be worn after consulting your doctor. One should wait for at least 2-3 months (depending on the condition) to wear this.
For females with normal labour, they can resume exercise after 6 weeks itself but only after consulting your OB/GYN.
3. Have a healthy state of mind: Although Yoyo's belly wrap after pregnancy would help you a lot in reaching the desirable, but having sound mental health is very important. Depression is a major cause of weight gain and Post partum depression is very common after giving birth. Even I was a victim of that! For a cheerful person like me, I know it's hard to imagine but it's true. I fought strongly to get my older self for a a full six months.
Talk to people who understand you. Meditate. Ask for help who can take care of your baby so that you can go out, inhale the fresh air, laugh with your friends. Keep away from negative people. Remember, the most important relationship in the world is the one with yourself.
4. Be gentle on yourself: Although we all want to be that perfect little woman (in our own terms) that we were before planning to become a mom, it's not possible always. We should never forget that we have given birth to a life and that is the best thing (and special) ever. There are so many factors that stop us from achieving that desirable body: genetics, change in metabolism, hormonal changes, etc etc. We should not punish ourselves for being unable to do that. Although post partum belly girdle is the #1 centure Post Partum but nothing is more rewarding than holding your bundle of joy in your arms.

Tell me pretty ladies, have you lost that weight? Or are you still struggling?

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  1. Wow I never heard of such a helpful product until now. This will come in handy for every woman and very helpful to get back in shape.

  2. Also you and your little one are adorable in that image.