I use wipes and I am not guilty

by - 7/12/2018

A baby is as delicate as a flower. In fact no. A new flower blooms the very next day but a baby is priceless for the entire family. What I am trying to say is that a baby needs constant gentle, tender care and affection.  A new born's skin is 10 times more delicate than adult skin. Hence babies need special treatment.
I very vividly remember the time when my daughter was born. I was a young, naive mother and she was weak and helpless. Baby cleanliness is a constant activity especially in newborns. Sometimes you have to clean the barf, sometimes poop or sometimes just general wiping. The safest method is to use water and cotton but it's neither convenient nor travel friendly. That's why we mothers use wipes. But the cardinal question is are they safe?
Baby wipes if made from polyester will cause rashes on your baby's skin. So I started scouring the market for cotton wipes and that's when I came across Mother Sparsh baby wipes.
These wipes are made of cotton and 98% water and hence are as good as pure water. The wipes are fully bio degradable too. That means firstly only natural materials are biodegradable. And secondly you are doing something for the environment too! That's a major bonus.

What do I love about these wipes?
These wipes are the purest water based wipes and hence are suitable for your baby right from birth. These are 100% alcohol and paraben free and hence absolutely safe and mild for the delicate baby skin.
These are made of pure cotton. So no chances of diaper rashes.
Easy to pull out from the pack.
These contain jojoba oil and glycerine too for moisturising effects.
These are hypoallergenic in nature.
These wipes are non soapy and non greasy.
They cost 175 INR for a pack of 80 wipes.

I use wipes and I am not guilty.

Our grandmothers and traditional mommies would say.... why use wipes in the first place? Why not cotton and water?
Well firstly cotton and water is very inconvenient and cumbersome.
It's impossible to use during traveling.
In winters, wipes are much easier as you don't need warm water especially.
If you ( the mother) is sick and not too fit to get out of the bed, wipes are the best invention ever. You can clean your baby in a jiffy!
Moreover by using Mother Sparsh wipes, I am not littering the environment the way polyester wipes do. These are 100% biodegradable and hence safe for the environment.
Moreover when it's purely made of water, then nothing can be better than these cotton wipes.
My daughter is 4 now but still these Mother Sparsh wipes have a permanent position on my night stand as well as in my purse! I can't imagine both of our lives without them.
Whether it's cleaning her tiny hands after she ate something while on the go or wiping her face after a sloppy encounter with her favourite ice-cream, I can't picture our lives without these wipes.

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  1. I think wipes are great specially when you are on the go.