My Vacation Wishlist with Rosegal

Winters may be just a couple of months away but that is not stopping me from buying summer dresses from Rosegal. Want to know why? We are headed somewhere where the weather is just the opposite! This is a real big hint.Yes, the biggest vacation of our lives till date are just two months away! We had been saving for this trip for the last one and a half years and now. You would come to know very soon about the destination although I have dropped a really big hint. All I am doing right now is stocking up on my vacation wardrobe.

Its not a secret that I am a dresses girl on vacation. My daily wardrobe is pretty boring as I am in salwar suits to my clinic. (I want to look serious and mature in front of my patients) And for running errands its either jeans or capri. So I really like to dress up on vacations and parties with some feminine numbers and pretty accessories.

Its not a secret that Rosegal is one of my favourite online shopping destinations. Fashionable clothing at affordable prices and free shipping...what more can a girl ask for? So here are all the things that are in my cart right now...all that are going to be in my suitcase for our biggest trip!

A cute Crossbody bag : We all have those big totes which are ideal for travelling. So what I need right now is a cute statement crossbody bag to keep all my knick knacks that can be reached easily.

Maxi Dress : Nothing screams vacation more than a bright, colourful, flowy maxi dress. This one being off shoulder gets extra points for the oomph.

Cute Flats : A pair of flats is a must need for endless miles for walking. However the flats have to be cute! These gingham ones are just perfect!

Floppy Hat Whats the best way to beat the heat in style? A floppy sun hat! The rainbrow stripes in this one are too hard to resist!

Beach Cover up A cover up is a must have on beach vacations. It should be cute enough to be able to hit the shack for lunch or dinner or for roaming around on the beach. Green is already my favourite colour and love the versatility of this one.

Sweatshirt Last but not the least, I need a warm sweatshirt to sleep on the plane and trains. This one with the lips is too cute!

You want some new clothes, why not taking a look over here?

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    Time for a new outfit!



  1. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I guess United States, maybe Florida? We enjoyed our trip there 2 yrs back at year-end.

    Btw, if I may correct, there is a difference between its and it's...much of what you've mentioned should be it's (short for it is).


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