Elegant Lace dresses on my Birthday Wishlist

by - 4/23/2017

This year for my birthday, I would love to buy myself a few elegant lace dresses. I know, I sound like a three year old. No matter how old I get, I can never get bored of celebrating my birthday. Actually I am a pretty overenthusiastic person who likes to celebrate every small occasion. So whether its my bestie’s birthday or my partner’s, I spend months planning on the celebration and of course the best part: gifts!
Our year is very well balanced with almost celebrations in every month. Just as spring rolls over (my munchkin’s birthday) and summer comes, I start planning my own birthday. I hardly get time to pamper myself. So I usually create  a wishlist and try to tick them off from my bucket list. I usually make two lists: one splurge and one save. I generally manage to gift myself one luxury item every year. But since this year we splurged on our home, I would like to make a huge ‘save’ list and buy them all!
It’s a no secret that I am a short dresses person. But as I grow older, I have started gravitating towards maxi dresses and full jumpsuits. Motherhood and growing older has taken a toll on my dressing style! Also these are a safe bet during family gatherings and work parties where you don’t want to get eyebrows raised!
So here is what I have narrowed down.

Which ones should I buy immediately? Let me know!

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