The Hair story

Our mane can make or break our personality. It is the most noticed feature of our personality. That is why we are so possessive about our crowning glory. We spend tonnes of money taking care of it. The problem is that we like to change our hair styles often. But we are unable to do so.
Some like it short, some like it long, some like it curly while some like it straight. However we all may like to interchange all this for a brief time. We like changes!
I have long hair but once in a while I feel like having a bob cut. Of course I can never do that as I don't have the courage to chop my hair this short. However my thoughts changed when I came across My apprehensions of getting a haircut vanished! I could switch my looks in a jiffy! How cool and easy is that?
Cocowig has a wide range of human hair wigs that can be worn very easily. Forget making ponytails or buns. Swap your hairstyle altogether!
Wigs have other utilities too. Cancer stricken patients who have been undergoing chemotherapy often lose their entire hair. For a woman its an excruciating phase. Such people can beautify themselves in this way...absolutely natural look.
I was thinking for a short hair look for a long time. And now that can actually happen! I have chosen this style for a short hair look. Which hairstyle is your favourite?



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