Life is short, Buy the shoes!

by - 11/17/2016

These Zara booties are one of my favourites!
Did someone say shoes? I bet my ears can't be wrong! A woman can never have too many shoes is as true as humans can't survive without air, water and food! I am a total shoe lady and so are my movie and television choices. I am just gaga over Carrie Bradshaw's shoe collection and In 'My Shoes' too. I buy shoes almost every month and I really don't have any more space to store them. But since its the holiday cum wedding season, I am still browsing new shoes to buy and came across some awesome pairs which I am contemplating to buy.

So here are a few of my favourites:

 No matter how much you love heels, you need flats for running errands or when you need to walk to somewhere. These ethnic flats are not only pretty but are very comfortable and they make a pretty impressive statement. Find this here.

These statement heels remind me of a high end designer label but a fraction of their price! Pair it with a monochrome dress or a simple outfit and let your feet do all the talking! Find this here.
 These metallic sliders are again very useful for running errands and of course travelling. You don't want to trip in your heels while on a vacation and yet want to look stylish. So these are perfect! Find these here.

This pair is exactly like the nude Valentino heels yet a fraction of its price! If you are a fashionista, then you definitely need rockstuds. Find these here.
Personally I am obsessed with pumps. But they are impractical when it comes to carrying your baby or walking for long distances. Wedges are the most comfortable yet stylish footwear. I am more of a statement piece type of person, so I like these bold coloured wedges. Find these here.

Now I round up few of my favourites from my personal collection.

These blue satin mules are stylish and comfortable.
These red pointed pumps are not at all comfortable but very pretty nonetheless!
My darling mom made me pose like this on our trip to Dubai..

I love these pink glittery heels
I could go on and on with my affair with shoes but I decided to stop here..with just four pictures.

My favourite part of my closet..

My little piece of heaven...Display space is limited. Others are lying in boxes..

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