Hello November!

by - 11/03/2016

Happy November loves! Just two months left for 2016 to end! Even Diwali has flown by. Well what does November and post Diwali phase have in common? Cold weather! Yes! The nip in the air is finally here. For the past one week, we have switched off the fans. And I am snuggled up in a cozy blanket early in the morning. The weather is crisp and we are craving warmth. I am going to love this pleasant weather till the time Delhi turns bitter cold.

What is your favourite winter clothing? Though I love sweaters and scarves, my all time favourites are coats. Overcoats, Trench coats, Pea coats, you name, I have it! Recently I was hunting for some good womens trench coat as my wardrobe is not brimming with them. Trench coats are the most versatile of all winter clothing. They provide warmth, shield you from rain and also act as wind cheater. There is no need of a rain coat when you wear a trench. I am bored with the ones I already have and that's when I came across this wonderful site for Fashion clothing and I loved every item there.

They have got all sorts of outfits but since its sweater weather right now, I decided to round up my favourite coats.

Its not a secret that I love colours. I think we should own a coat in every colour. 

1. A cobalt blue for that pop of colour in a cold environment.
2. Mint colour to wear to work or a conservative setting.
3.Apple green again adds that unexpected pop of colour. Not for the faint hearted.
4. Ochre looks classic. Its neither too bright nor neutral.
5. Red: Even you may think for a while that you look Scottish, but its a wardrobe must..
6. Blush: A neutral in a romantic colour like blush is for everyone.
7. Navy Blue: Its the chicest of all that goes without saying.

For more womens trench coat visit here

Which one of the above is your favourite?? Or do you prefer other colours? Are you a sweater person or a coat person? For more such amazing fashion clothing, visit here.

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  1. Coats are my favorite winter pieces too!! I love the elegant touch they give to every outfit! <3

    XO, Jessi